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I have to lead with some honesty here, I’m a bit of a jerk about this topic. I am not this way to offend anyone, but offending people just happens to be one of those unpleasant side effects of having opinions. Considering we are talking about a topic that falls within the category of “spiritual” things, this and all other perspectives, will be opinion and not fact. We cannot prove these things with science, we are talking about feeling stuff here and feelings are subjective and personal. Please keep that in mind and if my words don’t resonate with you then please; either share your words with me and we can find common ground, or it can just be okay that my experience is different than yours.

So, with all that said, I feel that having a strong grounding practice is immensely beneficial for ALL people – regardless of their level of spirituality. A mindful centering and grounding practice can help facilitate emotional stability, as well as improve focus and overall well-being. It is also a key player in energetic protection.

Before we can ground, we must call all of our energy back to us and center ourselves in our current reality. That means to get totally in the moment we are living in. Not worrying about what we will make for dinner, or that a-hole that cut us off on our way home, but rather all focus where we are right that very moment in time. If you are unfamiliar with how to center your energy, please see my post about it here, or feel free to do your own reading on the topic to find what works for you. It is a step that just can’t be skipped if we want to achieve a grounded state of being.

What does it mean to be grounded?

To me, it feels like stability. It feels like strength, clarity, and calm. It is when we bring all of our energy in close to the Earth’s energetic field and we exchange or circulate our excess or unwanted energy and bring in fresh calm energy from the Earth. This is a big part of transmuting energy. We can take the energy we do not want and release it. We trade it in for a vibration that better suits the “frequency” we want to align with.

Many will say you must be physically connected with the Earth or take a long magical walk through nature. Something along those lines was what I was always told. Get in touch with nature and its energy, and this may work for some people. Some people may need to be inspired in order to let go of the physical world enough to feel the energetic world that always surrounds us. However, some people can feel the energy around us all the time, and sometimes they feel it in excess. For these people taking your energy and letting it wander off into a whimsical journey is actually detrimental to the ultimate goal of grounding. It counteracts the centering we need to do in order to exchange and connect energy with the Earth.

We do not need to physically touch the Earth to ground.

Can it be helpful to connect on a physical level? Yes, but it is by no means necessary. We are talking about exchanging energy and energy can just go where it’s directed. Energy can be exchanged without ever touching the ground. Most of the time when I see people talk about their grounding practice, I end up squinting a lot. Not because I am judging them but mostly because it just sounds like some kind of fairy tale pretend play. It doesn’t make sense to me. It just doesn’t sound like serious business, and grounding is serious business!

Yes, it’s beautiful and it is an amazing thing to be able to take part in, but we aren’t connecting to or communicating with spirit, this isn’t divination. This is an act of self-healing. When we take medicine, we don’t flit around throwing glitter about as we take it. We just handle our business. Grounding is something that deserves respect because it is the foundation of everything else you do in your spiritual practice and has an influence on your actual physical state.

How do we ground?

Well, this (like all things spiritual) is very personal and varies for everyone. I have used several techniques but the most popular one people seem to talk about is the:


This is when you imagine roots growing down from your feet deep into the center of the Earth. As you do this, you begin to feel anchored to the Earth. When your roots are secure, you then imagine all the energy you no longer want vacates your body through these roots. Then boom you are grounded.

This version feels a bit incomplete for me. It also takes what seems like a lifetime! I don’t personally prefer this method. I mention it only because people do enjoy it so I feel everyone should at least give it a try. What I do now evolved from the visualizing of roots. What I do now works for me but might not work for everyone. The main point is that there is no wrong way! If it feels right to you, and you feel stable, strong, and have clarity after your grounding practice, then it has worked and that is your method.


I do this and centering as a one-two combo followed by shielding. I start with centering, and I feel my energy shrink as close as it can to my body. Once my aura feels like it is the size of my physical body, I feel my energy shrink more; almost as though the energy me begins to squat down close to the Earth. Sometimes I do this sort of slow and others it is quick – this is when I really mean business. An example would be during a psychic attack, when there is energy intermingling with mine, that I do not own- I don’t keep it around.

I take all of the energy that isn’t a vibrational match for where I want to be, and I circulate it out of my hands and feet. I see it go down into the Earth with the intention of transmuting it, like a filter. I then pull energy back up through my feet that matches the frequency I want to resonate with. This really is as simple as knowing it is happening. The fresh energy works its way up through my field, expanding and reinforcing it. Then I go right into my shielding practice.

My version can be a bit “extra” for some people, but I am a bit extra, so I am quite fond of how my technique works for me. I feel it does more than just push away negative. We can’t just push it away and remove negativity forever. We should be able to see why and where we carry vibrations we may not enjoy. As I pull the energy back up it circulates through my energetic system, clearing blockages, and moving the energy around. I find this is something that is very helpful for our own energetic healing and maintenance.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your own way of grounding!

I hope you can find something useful here to help enhance your own grounding practice. If nothing else, trust that there is no wrong way to get grounded!

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