Thoughts From The Void

Even if we do all the right things like eat healthy, exercise, and be mindful of our thoughts; it still will be necessary to periodically cleanse our energy field. What does it mean to cleanse our energy? Removing or healing any issues that prevent clear-flowing energetic pathways is pretty much the idea here. This can be energetic debris in our auric field, blockages in our chakras, or anything in between. There are many methods of energetic cleansing and what works best for you may vary depending on the level of cleansing you require at any given time.

How do we know if we should clear our energy?

The times when we feel sluggish, confused, overwhelmed, or maybe even just off. Pretty much anytime we are feeling funky, it is probably a good idea to cleanse and circulate our energy field to ensure our energy is free-flowing and strong.

In my opinion, the best way to prevent the build-up of energetic issues is to incorporate circulating our energy into our daily routine. It doesn’t take very long but if we circulate our energy, we can prevent stagnation and become more aware of any issues that are present. It also helps to check in with how our energy feels throughout the day because when we do this, we will be aware of the majority of the disturbances within our system. If we are aware of our energy, that means we can control it. When we control it, we can transmute it.

So far, I have used a few different words in reference to the same idea. To me, clearing and cleansing are, on average, the same thing. We are talking about the removal of energetic vibrations that do not match the frequency we wish to resonate with. For our everyday sort of issues, these two words are interchangeable.

Cleansing isn’t just washing away the negative or lower vibrations within our field.

When we clear our energy, we are taking control of the frequencies we resonate with. The idea of pushing away and ridding yourself of all negativities is a slightly incomplete notion. Most of the time if there are lower vibrations within our field, we are the ones who put them there or allowed them to influence us. The acknowledgment and understanding of these frequencies we find to be negative is a key part of having a productive energy clearing practice. If we don’t address why we resonate with certain frequencies, what thoughts, emotions or behaviors attract or produce them, then we can’t effectively remove them from our system. It is okay to feel negative, we can’t hide from negativity, but we can learn from it and work with it.

When we encounter these lower frequencies such as anger, fear, or jealousy, it’s important to own them. We don’t need to process them right at that moment; but if we acknowledge them and set an intention to address why we feel them, we honor our self. When we honor our self, we strengthen our self. This is so important! If we want the universe to honor our will, feelings, and intentions; we must first honor our entire self.

How can we manage our energy?

One way I like to incorporate energy clearing into my daily routine is just before bed. As I begin to unwind, I take note of how I feel. Focusing on the area around my heart chakra, I ask myself how I feel. I take notice of my emotions and then if there is anything bothering me that I can work out in that moment, I try to reach a resolution. If I can’t find some way to an understanding, I make a note to myself that I know I’m feeling a certain way. I then say I will set aside time to get to the bottom of the emotion but for now, I will release it.

After engaging in my centering, grounding, and shielding techniques (ensuring I cut any energetic cords) I focus on circulating energy through my system.

For me, I “visualize” the energy moving freely through all chakras from the root up to the crown and then out into my aura. Sometimes there is resistance in certain areas or even weak spots in my field and when I notice this, I reinforce these areas with strong fresh energy. How? My will mostly. Same as when we do shielding, it is our will that sets those boundaries, when our energy field needs something, our intent directs energy to those spots. We need only know our will to find success here. If visualizing works for you great! If feeling is better also great! If all you feel comfortable with is a matter-of-fact statement that your energy circulates freely with strength, well that great!

For me, the best way to clear my energy is through my own intention. Addressing the frequencies that are present and applying changes to my physical self to help prevent those frequencies from returning. When you create your own practice like this, you then notice over time the areas you must address to really heal any deep wounds you may be harboring.

We can take physical steps to help keep our energy field clear and strong.

There are so many rituals and methods used to help keep energy fields working at their best. These are the methods I tend to use:

-Our will

Just make it so.

This one takes some time and trust in our own self. If we don’t fully own our personal power, this method will not be totally effective. It has taken me years to get to this understanding. Be kind and patient with yourself if this one is tricky.

-Ritual Baths

These are amazing and can really help to heal and reinforce your energetic field! My favorite two things to place in a bath are salt and hyssop. However, this is an area that you really can’t mess up so throw whatever feels good to you in there!

-Ritual Shower

For a more serious cleanse, you can make a tea out of the ingredients you would like to use for your cleansing. Then while in the shower use it to intentionally wipe the energy from your auric field that you wish to remove.


There are countless combinations of herbs and resins people use with the intention of healing, cleansing, and reinforcing their energy field. My go-to is dragon’s blood but do some reading and find the one that feels right for you!

-Physical movement

Yes, exercise can help cleanse your energy field. Physical movement causes circulation through your energetic pathways. This is something that should be incorporated every day for general wellbeing and that is why it is on this list.


Crystals are amazing energetic allies! They can help strengthen your field, reinforce your intentions and clear your energy. There are so many, and no choice will be wrong. The best remover of energy in my experience is black tourmaline and the top healer is satin spar (often sold as selenite) this one works so well to repair energetic issues by overflowing a space with high vibrations.

Check in with yourself!

Be sure to check in with yourself throughout the day. Be mindful of your emotions and your physical being and you will become aware of the energy that is circulating through your field. When a frequency is there that makes you feel unpleasant, don’t ignore it, don’t push it away but rather face it, embrace it and heal it. This is how I feel we can best manage our energetic well-being.


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