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Many of us are familiar with grounding and might even be aware that it is something we can all benefit from. If you aren’t, it might be a topic worth looking into. The thing is the important step of calling our energy back and becoming centered in the present is overlooked when grounding is discussed. We tend to skip right to connecting with the Earth’s energy. The old “Take a walk in nature” etc., etc. type of tutorials and suggestions as to how to go about grounding always seem to bypass the imperative first step to becoming grounded.

Centering is an invaluable part of the grounding process and takes a great deal of mindfulness to master. Centering is the act of calling all of our energy back to us, becoming aware of it all and being totally present in our current reality. Without this step, it is not really possible to achieve a stable and grounded state of being.

While I believe all spiritual practices should be tailored to the individual’s needs. There is a basic idea to how centering works. How I like to do it can be modified by whomever chooses in a way that feels right to them. I will share my techniques and please feel free to make them your own and apply it to your personal practice.


The first technique I will share is for those times when you already feel in control. Maybe you are feeling a bit funky, or even a little bit overwhelmed. I am talking about those times when a simple deep breath can help calm your being. In times like this I do the following:

1. I take a deep breath and feel the air go in. I notice how the air feels in my lungs, and then I breathe out slow and controlled. The goal is to breathe out for longer than you breathe in.

2. I notice my heart. Is it pounding or calm? If it’s pounding, I breathe again and focus on slowing my heart rate, really focusing on how I am in control of my heartbeat.

3. The next thing I do is focus on the area in the center of my forehead. I think about what I feel like, and I know that I want all of my energy to come back to that exact spot. Like one of those retractable dog leashes, this is like pushing that button and reeling in the line. This action is calling my energy back to me. Depending on how scattered I am, this can be quick or can take a couple moments.

4. I take notice of my body and feel my energy field tighten and shrink back to my physical body. I want all of my energy condensed and close. If you aren’t comfortable yet with visualizing or feeling your energy, simply imagine that your energy is coming back and in time, you will feel what feels right to you.

Centering is so important. Our mind wanders more than we realize sometimes; subconscious desires mixed with to-do lists, accompanied by minor irritants we may have encountered all own some of our energy. If we want balance, we must be aware of all of our energy. If we are aware of it, we can control it. From this state of knowing where my energy is, I then proceed to grounding and shielding.


Now sometimes we are not calm. This is a huge reason why practicing centering and grounding when we don’t need it is so beneficial. If it is second nature, it is much easier to help ourselves when we encounter those moments that are overwhelming. For the times we are out of control, manic, or in the midst of an anxiety attack or other extreme emotional state; it is helpful to apply a different technique. For those moments when control eludes me, I apply the following technique.

The 5,4,3,2,1 TECHNIQUE

Here we are going to employ our physical senses and gain control of them. It helps to have a starting place, somewhere to build a foundation of stability. When we are unable to easily gain control of our energy, it is often much easier to begin with our physical senses. So, I like to name:

-5 things I can see as I look at them slowly taking a deep breath with each item I see.

-4 things I can touch as I touch them, slowing and deepening my breathing further with each thing I count.

-3 things I can smell, really focusing on the smells.

-2 things I can hear.

-1 things I can taste -typically a glass of water, because all that deep breathing makes my mouth all sorts of dry.

From here I am in control and then can do the first technique. This is a bit of a process, but it has saved me during legitimate anxiety attacks the same as it has helped in times of extreme anger or psychic attack.

Finding your way to exhibit control over your own energy field will prove to be a skill that leads to personal growth, emotional stability and all-around wellbeing.

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