Crystal Information

Due to apatites’ appearance being similar to many other minerals, it gets its name from the Greek word “apate”, which means deceit. Deceit is something this stone does well, as it carries with it so much more energy than seems reasonable in such a tiny package! This stone works well to reveal the great power within us all, even when we think there is none. “Looks can be deceiving” is the phrase that comes to mind for this stone but not in a negative way, it implies the notion that there is an underestimation of strength hidden under the surface. Shining with the energy of gold and yellow, nothing heavy resides within this stone. This crystal works to illuminate the way to clarity so that you may understand yourself, your purpose and the physical world around you. Strengthening your will and clarity of mind also leads to stronger manifesting in all areas of your life. When you can understand what you want, know you deserve it and can connect with your own inner guidance, very little can stand in your way. One of the greatest strengths this stone contains is the ability to strengthen your confidence and dissolve dependency and the worry that your needs or actions will displease other people. Ushering in unwavering positive energy that strengthens the auric field and raises the vibrations, Yellow Apatite is jam packed with sunshine energy! 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes growth as it clears confusion and negativity

-Provides clarity of the mind

-Strengthens will and personal power 

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Enhances creativity 

-Strengthens a clear connection to your higher self 

-Promotes optimism

-Increases the drive to get accomplish tasks

-Provides the courage needed to take risks as well as the clarity to know when a risk is worth taking 

-Balances the appetite and is supportive of healthy eating 

-Aids detoxification efforts

-Helps combat lethargy and symptoms of depression 

– Promotes concentration 

– Aids learning and memory retention

-Clears blockages and stimulates all chakras

-Balancing yin-yang energy

-Promotes the rise of Kundalini energy

-Aids understanding and interpreting psychic and spiritual messages

-Enhances confidence 

-Dissolves the need to “people please”

-Aids all healing efforts 

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