Crystal Information

“The Universal Stone” 

This mineral has quite the nickname to back up its amazing properties. Treasured by cultures across the globe since the dawn of civilization, turquoise has been associated with nearly everything from luck to wisdom and pretty much everything in between. The Native Americans associated this stone with the great spirit of the sky, just as many other cultures viewed this mineral as being a slice of the beautiful blue heavens. All held the notion that turquoise connects us to spirit, the universe, universal energy, and thought. 

How convenient, a stone that resonates with every intention. Sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, right? Normally I would agree but not this stone, this stone is Universal energy. Just as the sky is everywhere and ever-changing, this crystal resonates on this same frequency. To fully understand how the energy of turquoise operates let’s think about the sky for a moment. Sometimes the sky is blue, sometimes there are clouds, sometimes it is gray and ominous, other times the sky is colorful, dark, bright, and everything in between. If I tell you to picture the sky, you can bet what you picture and what I picture will vary. This is because the sky can look so many different ways depending on a variety of factors at any given time. Yet, the sky is always the sky. It is above us and it is all around us, connecting us all regardless of where we are in the world. It can inspire joy, growth, doom, excitement, and pretty much any emotion you can think up. This is the sky. A place we look to for inspiration, guidance, peace, and hope. This is the energy turquoise connects to. Regardless of your intention, turquoise connects us all through spirit, providing strong energy to back up any and all frequencies. 

Here are just a few applications for this amazing mineral:

-Resonates best with the throat chakra but will balance the entire energetic system 

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Strengthens the auric field 

-Attracts abundance and good fortune 

-Connects us to universal wisdom 

-Facilitates clear and honest communication

-Facilitates communication with spirit and higher self

-Provides calm and tranquility 

-Assists meditation 

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Facilitates emotional stability 

-Inspires leadership, honor, and nobility 

-Provides clarity for all clair-senses 

-Facilitates memory recall

-Facilitates good mental focus

-Soothes overactive clairempathy and provides an understanding of overwhelming emotions 

-Enhances intuition 

-Inspires astral travel and lucid dreaming recall 

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Brings balance to personal power and confidence

-Combats lethargy and symptoms of depression 

-Excellent talisman for facilitating calm during a panic or anxiety attack 

-Brings about an understanding of emotional triggers 

-Helps recognize and release trauma 

-Clears and dissipates stagnant vibrations and EMFs

-Inspires create problem-solving 

-Helps recognize and overcome patterns of self-sabotage 

-Assists with past life recall and healing 

-Facilitates a connection to our true self

-Helps to recognize and overcome “narcissistic” tendencies so that we may look outside how we view our world for the betterment of ourselves and others 

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