Crystal Information

A stone that instills the same warmth of the sun’s glow, this crystal promotes a light hearted optimistic outlook on life. With a rejuvenating energy that breathes energy and excitement into any situation; sunstone works well to inspire, motivate and lift even the lowest of moods. Due to a characteristic similar to aventurescence called schiller, sunstone is sometimes referred to as “aventurine spar”. This quality occurs due to tiny copper inclusions, that when viewed from certain angles, give the appearance of illumination from within. Sunstone promotes that same glisten from the inside, encouraging a positive energy that radiates inspiration, creation, and motivation. 

This crystal facilitates the ability to help both the self and others through leading by example and displaying self-nurturing, self-acceptance and unwavering confidence. Sunstone embodies the phrase “Lead by example”. By facilitating a connection to the creative self, this crystal encourages one to manifest the life they wish. When we shine from within, we are aligned with our truest self, and this helps others feel the will to do the same. Sunstone has long been associated with wealth, abundance and the self-confidence needed to produce success in all areas of life. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Rejuvenates the auric field

-Promotes the confidence needed for leadership

-Inspires the self and others 

-Inspires the will to nurture one’s self

-Promotes mental clarity

-Amplifies inner strength

-Encourages independence

-Awakens innate talents and abilities

-Attracts good fortune and abundance

-Relieves symptoms of depression 

-Effective at cleansing the aura and chakras

-Activates all energy centers and ushers in life force energy

-Facilitates the release of stress

-Helps remove co-dependency and encourages self-empowerment

-Inspires one to overcome procrastination

-Aids weight loss efforts

-Facilitates emotional balance

-Alleviates feelings of self doubt and unworthiness

-Instills enthusiasm and zest for life

-Aids all manifesting efforts

– Inspires the will to create

-Alleviates lethargy and stimulates action

-Promotes spiritual growth

-Lends the strength needed to take charge of one’s life

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