Crystal Information

The variation of quartz that turns brown to dark gray due to aluminum inclusions and natural radiation, smoky quartz is known by many as the “Stone of Power”. That is some nickname right? The national gem of Scotland and treasured by Druids and many cultures across the globe; smoky carries with it the same qualities of amplification and strength that crystal quartz is known for but it works within the darkness – the areas of confusion, mystery, the unexplainable and the unknown. This stone is an ally for all things relating to dreams, deep emotions and above all else bridging the gap between the physical and spirit. 

When people talk about spirit, it often sounds like a light and beautiful experience. However, to me this is not how I would describe it. To really interact with spirit can be confusing in a way that can’t be articulated. Things come into question that we would never question otherwise. Questions there are no answers for other than faith. This can be a very frightening experience when dealing with the expansive nature of spirit. In order to find our way to guidance and understanding we have to first navigate the rough waters of the unknown. Finding clarity in the depths of confusion, fear, overwhelming energy, or vast possibilities is where smoky finds its strength. Smoky quartz works so well to ground high frequency energy so that we may understand the guidance being received from spirit in a way that is not overwhelming. It provides protection by strengthening the auric field and transmuting lower frequencies so that vibrations that are harmful to us do not remain within our auric field. 

Smoky has long been used in shamanic practices all over the world due to its ability to strengthen the connection to spirit in a way that grounds us in our current reality while providing energetic protection, clarity, and understanding. It lends the courage needed to travel into the darkness, past the limits of the known so that we might find the answers and guidance we are in need of. Some might be put off by the use of the word “darkness” however, I want you to think of it like going to sleep. We don’t typically sleep with all the lights on. We rest in the dark. Our body needs that balance of light and dark. Going to sleep isn’t evil, is it? Well, neither is exploring the darkness. Evil can be found in the light just as easily as it can in the dark. This crystal helps to bring clarity to the misunderstanding we find in places where we might not be able to fully grasp the entire situation. 

I want you to imagine you need to find your keys. You walk into a room and the lights are off. The room is filled with items, things you can’t see but they are still there. You could turn on the light but that will only shine light on every item in the room. This will be helpful in that you can see, but there are hundreds of items there and it might feel overwhelming to see them all at once. You might think “Where do I start?” You would need to process all that you see in order to start looking and locate your keys. What if you turned those lights back off and instead used a flashlight to navigate the dark room. Only, your flashlight resonates with exactly what you are looking for and will shine directly onto your keys so you can find them within the darkness. This magic flashlight works just like smoky quartz. Smoky quartz helps to illuminate what is relevant to understanding a confusing situation. It does not remove all the things that are not relevant, it only prevents them from becoming a distraction so that we may find what it is we are seeking. It helps us to understand what we need, what is helpful, and what simply is irrelevant at that moment. It lends the strength and courage needed to be honest and know the truth of our reality.

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Harmonizes the auric field 

-Facilitates spiritual journeying

-Strengthens connection to spirit

-Aids astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Aids effective shadow work 

-Helps resolve deep seated traumas and emotional wounds

-Helps release negative behavioral and thought patterns

-Aids divination efforts 

-Facilitates meditation 

-Helps combat nightmares

-Helps release fear, stress, and anxiety 

-Promotes the release of fear related to spirit

-Provides protection from EMFs

-Helps eliminate feelings of chaos or confusion

-Helps one to see the truth

-Promotes detoxification 

-Promotes energy circulation through the entire system

-Cleanses, repairs, and stabilizes the auric field

-Promotes rational thinking

-Helps alleviate communication issues

-Helps facilitate emotional stability 

-Facilitates an understanding and healing of negative emotions

-Connects one to inner and divine guidance

-Helps bring balance to clairsenses

-Brings balance during times of emotional overload

-Facilitates clarity of mind

-Promotes an understanding of difficult situations and lessons

-Helps connect one with their own true self 

-Allows one to harness all of their personal power 

-Facilities a raising of frequency

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