Crystal Information

Also referred to as Serafine or Green Chlorite, this crystal is the gem variety of Clinochlore – a member of the Chlorite family. Seraphinite can only be found in the area of Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. It is where land separation is being made between Asia and Russia and is said to be the future site of a new ocean. There is much lore about how this rift formed. From the science to the more mystical, they all hold common messages. 

One such story is of a girl who was in love but her father did not approve of the suitor. So, he locked her away until he could find her a proper husband. Only, she ran away and he never saw her again. It is thought that his tears created the lake. Another idea is that is of a dragon. Some say there was a powerful dragon that came, and with his tale, he broke the Earth which created a canyon. He used his fiery breath to melt the snow which filled the empty space with fresh water. He then plummeted to the depths of the lake where he resides still. Sacrifices were made to the creature, until one year they all but forgot about the sleeping beast. That year, the dragon awoke and flooded the land. For decades no one would build near the shore or even look upon the water during the daytime, out of fear of this dragon. The dragon both protected and destroyed, depending on what the situation called for. As long as the land and the dragon were respected, blessings fell to those who paid homage. However, those who were less than respectful seemed to suffer misfortune. Back to my statement of common traits these stories share, we can see separation, respect, and strength in all of them. We see the immense power of the Earth separating land and creating something new. We see the girl putting distance between herself and a controlling father, and paving her own way. We also see the dragon asserting its power, dividing the land, and claiming it as a safe place it will defend. All of the qualities displayed in these tales are harnessed within this stone -but there is more. 

The name this mineral carries is a trade name given to it due to its chatoyancy resembling the wings of an angel. The Seraphim are thought by some to be the highest order of angels in Abrahamic religions. The ones who stand in God’s presence and praise him all day every day. The name Seraph means “the burning one”  or “fiery serpents”. Some believe that the Seraph were not originally considered angels at all, but rather dragons of both destruction and purification, who were the first creations of the creator. This is a tough topic because there are so many preconceived notions about angles. Such as what they “look” like, and what they do. Some also feel angels only belong in the Abrahamic belief systems. However, we can see the mention of “angels” by many other names in many systems of belief. My personal experience lends the notion that all things are capable of both positive and negative attributes. Or “good and evil” if we want to look at it that way. It is also good to keep in mind that beings of an energetic nature do not have physical bodies. So how we see them very well can vary by person. We see what makes sense to us for the most part. Perspective is the key thing here. What is good to me might be bad to someone else. What is beautiful to me, could be hideous to another. Perception and cause and effect can be tricky like that. The concept of a double-edged sword comes to mind in regard to this topic. If we think about the story of the girl, she ran away from home in pursuit of freedom, but she likely left a part of her behind. Her actions of freedom also caused immense pain to her father. Maybe he deserved it or maybe not, but we do know he felt pain. So her actions were both positive and negative. Sometimes actions for a good cause do require a less than positive approach or application of force. Sometimes doing something good for one, causes something bad for another. I feel strongly that just because you may be working with an angel, doesn’t mean the experience will be positive. It is important for you to form your own opinion though based on your own feelings and experiences. 

Why the rant about angels? Well, this crystal is called “The Angel Stone”, so it stands to reason that we have to form an opinion on them if we want to understand the energy of seraphinite. This doesn’t mean we have to believe they are real, but having an opinion on the concept is helpful. On the flip side, it also is very easy to get caught up in the idea of angelic communication and be misled. For those who believe, this can be an area where we surrender our own power and logic to something we think is stronger and wiser than our own self. When tip-toeing in this area, it is good to remember that we are ALL equal. Anyone who says otherwise, might not be the best one to trust. Nothing in the spirit world is proven. We are talking about the unprovable. Using someone else’s idea about this topic and applying it as a general rule, just doesn’t work. Think for a second what someone thinks of you. Is their perspective of you accurate? Would everyone who has ever encountered you agree with their opinion? Do you behave exactly the same no matter who you encounter? Likely not. The same is true for angelic contact. We should never sidestep our own discernment for anyone or anything. I say this all because I do feel this particular stone facilitates a connection to the energy associated with angels. The topic in general is clouded with a slightly tainted perception. From the healer who feels they are special or chosen because they work with angels, or to the people who think they command them, or even to those who feel that angels can only ever do “the highest good”; this is an area which many find themselves causing their own trouble or misleading others. We all have equal access to all things, if only we are willing to believe. That said, I tend to tread lightly here. This is a frequency that requires respect and should not be approached lightly. Perhaps instead of thinking of them as people with wings and flowing robes, we might think of them as fierce dragons. This might cause one to be more inclined to remain humble, which is always a good thing. 

Overall, this stone is one I personally reserve for when I need help connecting to my own power. When I need to separate from the moment so I can find objective clarity. Times when a new path must be created. Times when respect must be regained. Moments when I need to rise above all that threatens the harmony of my being. These are times I find seraphinite is the right crystal ally. The applications for it are endless and very personal. The best way to discover the strengths of this crystal is going to be to work with it. 

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