Crystal Information

A very rare gemstone with two nearly indistinguishable minerals, marialite and meionite, falling under the same parent name. These minerals used to be referred to as wernerite, but now that name has fallen from favor and the minerals go by the name scapolite- derived from the Greek skapos which means “stick or stem”. That right there sounds like some soap opera drama. “Two identical brothers, going by the same name, only now they changed their name and are known by another name.” I hope you read that in a deep dramatic narrator voice. This ridiculous comparison is where we find our understanding of how this crystal’s energy works.

Following the lineage of any soap opera character might make your head spin, unless you have followed along and watched the development of the characters in real time. Trying to explain one of these character’s origin stories to a non-watcher can be so ridiculous you might find yourself unable to even speak the story out loud. The thing is, we all have parts of our own story that are like this. Events that played such a huge role in shaping the character we are today, but speaking them out loud just feels ridiculous, and even sometimes embarrassing or not that significant. While the name of this crystal can refer to the shape in which it grows, it also indicates where it finds its energetic strength. It aligns us with and illuminates our “stem”, and the base of who we are holds many offshoots. Experiences, traumas, people, whatever it may be that has contributed to our story and this crystal inspires us to embrace it all and stand tall in who we are. Those characters from the soap operas aren’t shaped by just one event. They are built from many experiences, just as we are. Sometimes we like to pick and choose the experiences we wish to embrace. This is doing ourselves and our history a huge disservice. Scapolite tells us it is okay to embrace it all, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. After all, we couldn’t be the person we are today without every single experience we have encountered. This crystal helps to promote an understanding of our experiences and assists us in harnessing the wisdom from even the most unpleasant or confusing parts of our story.

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Aids problem solving efforts

-Facilitates connections to the higher self

-Helps overcome negative feelings associated with life experiences

-Promotes confidence and the will to try

-Inspires self acceptance

-Helps repair family relationships

-Promotes personal growth

-Strengthens psychic abilities

-Provides a connection to universal knowledge

-Helps align one with their “path”

-Clears blockages in the energetic system

-Strengthens the flow of life force energy

-Reinforces and heals the auric field

-Connects one to both Earth energy and the energy of Spirit

-Promotes self love

-Strengthens will power

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Helps reveal hidden talent and innate abilities

-Facilitates the integration of karmic lessons

-Helps one see the wisdom in their experiences

-Inspires one to honor “the self”

-Promotes a feeling of equality

-Facilitates grounding

-Strengthens the connection to spirit

-Facilitates meditation

-Promotes an understanding of one’s self

-Inspires one to embrace change and opportunities

-Strengthens telepathic communication

-Inspires good decision making

-Draws abundance and good fortune

-Promotes a positive mindset

-Helps release negative habits and behavioral patterns

-Promotes determination

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