Crystal Information

Arguably one of the most mislabeled minerals in the spiritual community, satin spar is most often labeled and sold as selenite. Both satin spar and selenite are forms of gypsum but this does not make them one and the same. They do carry many similar properties but they each have their own individual strengths and frequencies.

Satin Spar works well to fill a space with fresh, subtle yet high vibrational energy. Imagine filling a dirty bucket with water but you don’t stop filling when the water reaches the top. You continue to overfill the bucket with fresh water. As the bucket overflows, the muck and debris that had been in the water are replaced and eventually you are left with only clean water. This is exactly the same concept behind how satin spar energy works. It continues to exude its clean energy long after the space around it has been filled with fresh energy, pushing undesirable frequencies and stagnant energy further and further away. It is a wonderful ally for protection because it continues to promote clear, free flowing energy. It also work well to facilitate the recognition of our own energy. As the crystal works to push away all frequencies, the only energy that will remain is the energy that comes from within us. When we can better recognize our own energy, we can take steps to manage it and harness our own power. This is a wonderful tool for all but especially the “empath”. 

It is said that this mineral does not require cleansing and charging. In my opinion, everything requires these things from time to time. It may require less cleansing than some other crystals, but regular cleansing and charging are beneficial for this and all spiritual tools. An excellent place to keep this mineral is at your front door, this can help to ensure that the vibrations of your home remain high. This is a pretty simple crystal to understand and has countless applications. In my opinion, it knows no rival when it comes to healing the auric field, supporting emotional stability, and maintaining strong clear energy.

Here are a few tested applications for satin spar:

-Aids meditation efforts

-Provides clarity of mind

-Assists energetic protection efforts

-Strengthens and repairs the auric field

-Stimulates focus

-Promotes calm

-Eases symptoms of anxiety 

-Helps dispel nightmares

-Stimulates healing

-Helps uncover and release negative behavioral patterns

-Can charge and cleanse other crystals and spiritual tools

-Assists reception of alternate viewpoints

-Strengthens connections to the “self”

-Facilitates energetic cleansing and raising of frequencies 

-Works well to amplify the energy of crystal grids and manifesting efforts 

-Facilitates astral travel 

-Promotes lucid dreaming recall and recognition 

-Inspires positive thinking 

-Helps manage overactive clair-senses

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