Crystal Information

One of the four precious gems of the world, this variety of the mineral corundum has been treasured since ancient times by nearly every culture and system of belief. Corundum forms in a variety of colors, all of which are considered to be sapphires with the exception of the red variety – this is ruby. The lore associated with this stone is extensive! Thought to bring prophecy, healing, and the favor of God; there is no lack in documented applications through the ages for this crystal. 

So where does the truth fall regarding this stone? This time, most of it holds merit! Sapphire has a unique energy to it, nobility is always the word I hear when I try to explain this crystal and that is very much at the core of its energy. It brings with it a sense of calm poise that allows one to tap into the truth and see with clarity the best road to resolution to every situation. It aligns the upper and lower chakras facilitating the rise of kundalini energy and awakening our innate psychic abilities; while facilitating the blending of the physical perception with the psychic perception. This creates the perfect conditions for clear interpretations of messages, connection to universal wisdom, and genuine prophecy to occur.

Sapphire also works to strengthen your energy field, more than just the aura but the energy surrounding the aura as well. It works to deflect psychic attacks, revitalize the energetic system and both ground while also drawing down higher vibrational energies to you. A stone of spiritual protection in that it defends your auric field, but also provides you with the ability to know the best way to combat the threats that come your way. It carries a strong energy but is not overpowering, or shocking to work with. It gently insists and then persists as it works to initiate an energetic shift.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes self-discipline 

-Awakens innate spiritual “abilities”

-Balances the entire energetic system 

-Facilitates energetic protection efforts 

-Assists all healing efforts

-Aids divination effort s

-Enhances communication with higher self and spirit 

-Promotes good communication skills and helps release the fear of public speaking 

-Facilities truth and honesty  

-Defends against psychic attacks 

-Provides clarity of mind 

-Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming 

-Promotes dream recall and understanding 

-Helps relieve headaches 

-Instills faith and hope  

-Connects one to universal wisdom 

-Strengthens bonds and promotes fidelity 

-Promotes integrity and leadership

-Inspires a knowing of the self 

-Helps one to not be swayed by the thoughts or opinions of others

-Provides the determination to pursue dreams that seem impossible 

-Heals and restores the third eye or pineal gland 

-Facilitates emotional stability 

-Facilitates healing and learning from past lives

-Promotes compassion for the world and the self 

-Provides protection from the “Evil Eye”

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