Crystal Information

A group of woods that come from the genus Santalum, these woods differ from others in that they retain their aroma for decades. The name is either derived from the Sanskrit word “Chandanam” which means “to burn” or  the Latin “Candere” which means “shining, glowing”. Either way, this wood has always been used to burn as incense. The scent of this wood is said to create a bridge between heaven and earth. Believed by many cultures to facilitate and strengthen the bond we have with the divine. 

The energy of this wood works in similar fashion. While the beads alone do hold aroma, the frequency at which they vibrate allows one to attune to the frequency needed to connect to the divine. The thing about connecting to divine energy is that it also helps one connect to the true self. Much like returning home to a loved one helps one feel at peace; sandalwood helps reconnect to the self that has always been there. Providing a comfort and stability that can’t be shaken, it facilitates that “I know you” feeling we get when we have been out in a sea of strangers. A friendly face always brings the feeling of safety, security and reinforcement, of the self. Our conscious self may have forgotten spirit, but spirit will never forget us. Our inner self recognizes the frequency of the “divine” and this helps us to have that great feeling of comfort. It reminds us of all that we are and all we are connected to.  

Some applications for sandalwood are:

-Helps restore emotional balance 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Calms the mind 

-Promotes a meditative state 

-Inspires one to be still 

-Promotes relaxation

-Promotes self identity 

-Raises vibrations

-Connects one to the true self

-Combats aggression or anger

-Facilitates grounding and centering 

-Promotes the feelings of love and acceptance 

-Inspires faith and hope

-Promotes confidence and self worth 

-Helps release fear and anxiety 

-Promotes harmonious energy flow within the system

-Promotes a general peaceful feeling

-Inspires trust

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