Crystal Information

Golden strands of Rutile hidden within the king of crystals, what more could you ask for? Both are considered to be strong amplifiers of energy ushering in clarity of mind and connection to self that facilitates the ability to know what you want and how to make it happen! This crystal also has the ability to lift your mood. The strands of rutile act like rays of sunshine, lighting the way to a more positive outlook on life. However, this mineral does not simply shine light from above but also anchors you to the Earth while blasting away lower vibrations. It is a mineral combination that can facilitate healing efforts by repairing the energy field while removing, and just as importantly, replacing lower vibrational energy with higher vibrations. This crystal also works well to aid manifesting efforts by clearing away doubts or negative energy standing in the way. Whether it is energy coming from within or the outside world, golden rutilated quartz replaces that energy with positivity and optimism. With a strong vibration and unyielding frequency, this crystal brings with it healing, strength, focus, abundance, and determination. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Assists in relieving symptoms of depression

-Helps to release anxiety, fear, and self-loathing

-Facilitates the ability to forgive yourself and others

-Repairs and strengthens the auric field

-Aids all forms of healing efforts

-Promotes positive spiritual communication

-Strengthens any manifestation effort

-Attracts financial success

-Promotes “past life” recall

-Facilitates personal and spiritual growth

-Enhances telepathy and psychic communication

-Aids meditation efforts

-Helps to develop psychic abilities

-Promotes the feeling of personal power

-Resonates with all chakras

-Assists with the release of negative energy

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Aligns one with optimism 

-Strengthens courage and determination

-Inspires creativity 

-Illuminates the true self 

-Boosts confidence and appreciation for the self

-Assists with the acceptance and healing of traumas

-A “call to action” stone that facilitates the implementation of plans and ideas

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