Crystal Information

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, with the other colors being labeled as sapphire. Known as one of the four precious gemstones, there is a reason for the prestige that comes along with the name ruby. The precious gemstones are treasured by pretty much all cultures since antiquity. Why? Is it just because they are pretty? Because they are rare? Well, this logic doesn’t hold, because there are minerals that are rare that don’t find themselves on this list and every mineral group has specimens that own beauty beyond description. So what is at the heart of the level of adoration we associate with these minerals? We find that answer in their energy and the origin of their uses. These ideas have been passed down since the dawn of civilization. Someone treasured them for more than just their beauty. We still hold that adoration today, we just don’t always recognize why.

The ruby is known as “The King of All Gemstones” treasured for its enduring strength and was believed to hold the same frequency of inextinguishable fire that the sun resonates with. Believed to hold the power or life and align one with honor, nobility, strength, wealth, power, passion, courage, and the ability to bring destruction to darkness. That is a stone that packs a serious energetic punch. As always, I don’t ever just take lore as truth, especially since back in the day any red mineral would find itself being labeled as a ruby, but this crystal is one that is hard to ignore. It feels very much like the lore describes. It feels like the sun in the sky, simply undeniable. You couldn’t exactly pick just one or two words to describe the sun, it all depends on your perspective, right? Ruby is very much the same, what it “does”, like all crystals, will vary depending on the person and the intentions. However, how it feels is that of undeniable strength and power. It feels like something you want to gravitate towards. Not dissimilar to how the planets circle the sun, the energy of the ruby draws energy to it. While other crystals have strong attraction properties, the ruby differs and we find how again with a reference to the sun. We know the gravitational pull is strong so the planets orbit but we also know that anything that gets too close to the sun will burn. The energy of ruby works sort of similar in one of the ways it offers protection. It draws energy to it, but it also provides a barrier of strong energy so that anything that gravitates toward it is stopped and the user of the crystal can then select the energies they want to allow closer via intention setting or other practice. 

Here are just a few applications for this crystal:

-Stimulates the recognition of the shadow self 

-Inspires courage and passion 

-Amplifies life force energy within the system 

-Strengthens the auric field 

-Provides strong grounding energy 

-Attracts abundance and good fortune

-Aids healing efforts by stimulating the energetic system

-Stimulates motivation and willpower

-Ushers in self confidence and determination 

-Facilitates prosperity and achievement

-Increases desire and sexual energy 

-Resonates best with the root, sacral and heart chakras

-Inspires creativity

-Helps overcome fear and phobias 

-Helps overcome exhaustion and lethargy

-Promotes a passion for life

-Provides protection from nightmares

-Guards against psychic attack

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Helps transform negative emotions into forgiveness and acceptance

-Promotes love for others as well as yourself

-Assists overcoming feelings of being “ugly” or unloved

-Helps release destructive emotional patterns and behaviors

-Aids manifestation efforts and retention of wealth

-Stimulates lucid dreaming

-Birthstone for July, December and January

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