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This crystal is one that most people have heard of and most have also already associated as the crystal of love. I personally disagree with this narrative and feel pretty strongly that this is not a crystal to be used simply for love. To be honest, love isn’t typically something I pair with this stone. Emotional healing, yes but not general love. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing mineral. 

Rose quartz is the pink to reddish variety of crystal quartz. It gets this coloration due to having minerals such as titanium, iron, or manganese trapped within the quartz during formation. In order to understand how rose quartz works with energy, we really need to go back and revisit crystal quartz for a moment. Crystal quartz can match any frequency, it aids any manifesting effort because it resonates with everything. So if we add just a couple minerals, we aren’t going to be left with a crystal that only resonates with love, but instead a crystal that resonates with ALL emotions. Many will disagree with my opinions on this crystal and that is okay, how we feel crystal energy is different for everyone because we are all different. For the most part, crystals work with the energy that is present. If the energy around isn’t that of “love” but rather of lust, jealousy, spite, anger, or any other emotion, then love isn’t going to be the thing we feel from this crystal. Not initially anyway. 

This is a crystal that works to both amplify and heal emotions. It helps to make us aware of our emotions or dis-ease so that we can bring strength or soothe them. The following is an excerpt from Crystals; Book One Finding your way. I am including it because this particular bit of lore is my favorite way of explaining the energy of rose quartz.

“We start with a king named Theias and how he boasted his daughter Myrrha was so beautiful, even more so than Aphrodite. Aphrodite was not a huge fan of this notion so she wanted a bit of revenge and acquired the help of Eros, the god of attraction and desire. He used his powers to get Myrrha to fall in love with her father and she did some sneakery and did the dirty deed with her dad. Once the king realized what had happened, he was very angry and set his mind on killing his daughter for tricking him into committing incest with her. Myrrha, ashamed and regretful, pleaded with the gods for help and protection. Taking pity on her, they turned her into the Myrrh tree. However, she was already pregnant with Adonis and soon after becoming the tree she gave birth to him.  

Aphrodite saw the child and was smitten with him immediately. Wanting to hide him from the world she sent him to be cared for by Persephone in the underworld. As he grew, it was apparent he had his mother’s beauty and became more attractive as he aged. As this happened Persephone also fell in love with him and refused to give him up to Aphrodite. Zeus was called in to bring resolution to the love triangle and said Adonis would spend 4 months with Persephone and four months with Aphrodite, the remainder of the year he would choose who he would be with. Having a great love for Aphrodite he chose to spend his extra time with her. He accompanied her to Earth one day and went hunting while Aphrodite tended to her duties.  

Knowing there was another in this love equation, Aphrodite warned him to be wary of anyone who did not respect his status as a deity. Aphrodite had many lovers, one of which was a jealous Ares, who just happened to be waiting for the right time to get some revenge. Ares disguised as a boar attacked Adonis, mortally wounding him. Aphrodite heard the cries and hurried to him, cutting herself on a thorny bush on her way, she tried to heal Adonis with some magic nectar but was too late. Their blood mixes together and soaks into the ground. From this blood-soaked earth blooms the first anemone, which is said to smell like the healing nectar of Aphrodite. Now, seeing the despair, Zeus takes pity on the lovers and makes it so Adonis is brought back to life for six months of the year. It is said that in the spot where those first anemone sprouted, the stone of the earth turned from white to pink giving birth to rose quartz, the stone of love and rebirth.  

That is some kind of story, right? Love is the most powerful emotion but can very quickly turn into other sneaky emotions. The story shows many sides of what can be seen as love by different perceptions. Rose quartz can bring strength to any of those not so favorable emotions as well as love. I know, I am the worst. I am probably the only person in the world who can shit on the stone of universal love but love is complicated and only seeing the good side of it would be not an intelligent way to use your ingredients. To understand love, you must also understand what happens when things are not in balance. Balanced love is perfect and strong and wonderful but when balance is not present our needs seem to outweigh reason and logic.” 

Rose quartz resonates with the entire story above. Not any one part of it, not any one character, but all of it. This is why I don’t blanket statement this crystal as the stone of love. The frequencies it spans are just too vast, it leaves too much wiggle room for those sneaky emotions to influence the situation while manifesting. That said, rose quartz will find its way into nearly all of my work. It is a stone that helps us to feel, then given time, it begins a chain reaction of understanding and communicating what we are feeling so that we can find our way to healing. When it comes to healing, rose quartz is on the top of my list because of its ability to soothe. Just as in the story Zeus is called in to help mediate, once rose quartz helps bring to light all emotions it will find the way to help smooth any “frayed edges” of the energy field so that healing may begin. It aids physical healing as well as it provides an anti-inflammatory effect on the physical body. This stone is so much more than love! It can help provide comfort and support, but it can also help those who hide their emotions to embrace and display them. Oftentimes the beginning stages of working with rose quartz can be a bit turbulent but if we exhibit patience, we might just find our way to that love everyone is always talking about. So it isn’t that I don’t think this stone resonates with love, but rather I think that labeling it as such has created great limitations as to the actual benefits of working with this stone. 

Here are just a few applications for this crystal:

-Aids all healing efforts (physical & emotional)

-Draws out hidden or repressed emotions

-Helps accept and heal trauma

-Assists with expression of emotions

-Provides an anti inflammatory effect

-Provides comfort and soothes frayed nerves

-Inspires compassion & passion 

-Inspires forgiveness

-Initiates a reflective state of being 

-Amplifies emotions

-Instills emotional endurance 

-Helps one to see the beauty in all things 

-Assists with finding pathways to resolution 

-Helps us to understand why we feel the way we do

-Facilitates a connection between the sacral all the way to the brow chakra

-Birthstone for the month of January 

Above all it is known as the stone of love due to its ability to help one find their way to a state of calm, peace and universal love. However, the road there is not immediate and can be rocky or at times dramatic. This is not a stone of instant love, but rather enduring love and healing.  

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