Crystal Information

A member of the calcite family, this mineral grows in a few different formations; one of which is stalactites. Stalactites get their name from the Greek stallasso (that which drips). As you may know, they form in caves over long periods of time. Minerals deposit through water or molten rock and eventually we end up with these amazing spires hanging from the ceiling of caves. In an effort to really understand this stone’s energy, we are going to follow this particular formation and go off on a little journey. We will touch on some Aboriginal Australian lore. Stay with me, I promise an understanding of Rhodochrosite is coming.

There is a cave rimmed with stalactites in Australia known as the Den of Nargun and in it is said that in it lives a female creature made entirely of stone except for her arms, hands, and breasts. This fearsome beast would take anyone who came lurking around her cave. Weapons were of no use as she would turn all attacks back to her assailants. Tales of this creature spread far and wide and the fear of its wrath kept travelers from venturing into its sacred space. Only, the cave was not really used to trap unfortunate victims. The occupant of the den was not a humanoid creature, but rather the area was used for women to gather, learn, and conduct ceremonies together. Some believe the story of the beast was fabricated in an attempt to create a location free from intruders so that knowledge and magic could be embraced without interruption.

I know this may seem random, especially since we are talking about a crystal who seems to resonate with love, but in this story lies the energy of rhodochrosite. This is a very feminine stone and by that I do not mean the gender female but the feminine energy and all that goes with it. The mysterious, the unseen, the emotional, the magical, the dreamer aspect and the creative will to find a way. From one perspective, the story of the Nargun is an attempt to use creativity and emotion to protect in order to allow space and time for people to grow and explore all that is possible. This is the energy of our crystal in question. One that provides space to explore, expand, and embrace.

Just as the stalactite forms slowly, from seemingly insignificant bits of mineral, so too do we become all we can be from sometimes small bits of experience. This crystal helps to illuminate this fact and allows us to embrace all of the experiences that make us who we are. It provides the space we need to explore and learn all that we are capable of while helping us to resonate with the vibration of love and compassion. It works to strengthen the aura in such a way that disguises the growth and healing that is lurking within the outer layers of our energy. Giving us space to process our own energy and emotions without the world inspecting it as we do so. This crystal resonates with love, but it does it in a very different way that we may be accustomed to thinking of. This is a very inclusive stone in that it promotes compassion and understanding from the inside. It does not draw love to us but rather protects while we strengthen self-love from within. When we can embrace all of ourselves, we tend to embrace the world through a lens of calm strength holding compassion for all. This is where rhodochrosite holds its strength as it connects the heart and solar plexus chakras providing a deep understanding of who we are, what we feel, and our place in this world.

A few applications for this mineral are:

-Assists healing efforts

-Promotes self acceptance and confidence

-Promotes compassion for oneself and the world

-Inspires creativity

-Amplifies psychic abilities

-Promotes and understanding of our emotions

-Allows us to embrace all of our experiences especially the less than pleasant ones

-Promotes healing from trauma

-Helps release negative thought and behavioral patterns

-Promotes the feeling of unconditional love

-A wonderful ally for managing clairempathy (those who call themselves empaths)

-Helps uncover the root of buried emotions and road blocks

-Promotes feelings of peace, joy and contentment

-Provides a connection between the solar plexus and heart chakras

-Strengthens connection to spirit and our higher self

-Promotes lucid dreaming and recall

-Enhances telepathy between loved ones

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Promotes optimism and the idea that anything is possible

-Promotes acceptance and release of emotional wounds

-Promotes loving awareness so that we don’t avoid issues that need to be addressed

-Promotes forgiveness both for ourselves and others

-Helps resolve feelings of abandonment

-Helps one connect to their karmic “purpose” and better understand the lessons they are learning

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