Crystal Information

Not technically a moonstone at all, but rather a member of the labradorite family; rainbow moonstone is treasured by many for its mysterious glow and flash of color referred to as adularescence. We find an understanding of how this crystal works to harness energy through this unique physical attribute. When light hits the surface of the crystal it does not simply reflect back its amazing color show. The light enters the transparent surface and bounces between the layers within the mineral. The movement of color we see is coming from within the stone and not from the surface. This is exactly how the crystal works on an energetic level as well.

When we work with rainbow moonstone, it is difficult to not feel inspired. This crystal lends the feeling that all things are possible. It brings awareness to all of our surrounding energy, draws in and strengthens our own energy, and then amplifies all that we are already working with. This crystal inspires the idea that we are made of magic. We are capable of anything. It strengthens our will, creativity, and personal power by enhancing all that we are and reflecting it in such a way that it can’t be avoided. The inspiration and beauty we feel when working with rainbow moonstone is the energy reflecting from within ourselves.

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Strengthens personal power 

-Enhances clair senses and psychic “abilities”

-Inspires creativity

-Strengthens emotional awareness

-Strengthens communication with spirit 

-Facilitates the will to try 

-Aids healing efforts

-Strengthens connection to the self 

-Promotes self love and self acceptance 

-Inspires confidence 

-Amplifies energy 

-Strengthens intuition

-Enhances emotional endurance 

-Helps release fear of rejection and abandonment 

-Instills the idea that anything is possible

-Inspires hope and faith in one’s self 

-Enhances the auric field 

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Strengthens personal boundaries

-Activates all energy centers

-Promotes the circulation of life force energy 

-Promotes personal growth and self healing

-Unifies emotion with will

-Inspires one to resolve buried issues 

-Promotes the will to start new

-Facilitates change and transformation

-Promotes self discovery and understanding 

-Helps release worry and stress

-Inspires one to enjoy the present moment 

-Promotes the understanding of truth 

-Awakens a sense of purpose

-Activates innate gifts 

-Promotes compassion for others and the self 

-Facilitates astral travel and lucid dream 

-Promotes dream recall 

-Facilitates meditation 

-Aids spiritual journeying

-Helps reveal the path that best aligns with our true self 

-Birthstone for the month of June and February 

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