Crystal Information

Sometimes referred to as “Fool’s Gold” because it is found near and has a similar appearance to gold, this nickname might mislead some about the awesome power contained within this crystal. A mineral composed of sulfur and iron; pyrite holds within the spark of creation. Its name comes from the Greek “pyr” meaning fire because when struck against a hard surface it generates enough sparks to create fire. It is even used in some firearms for this reason. Its physical uses and attributes align this crystal strongly with energetic protection. This is a topic that is very confusing at times, but my experience has shown me that all lasting things come from within. This includes energetic protection. When I address things like manifesting and protection, the place to start is always within. The self is where all change is generated, where our will resides. The sovereignty of self is where manifesting and protection alike originate. If we do not stand firm in the self, no action attempted can really be successful. We may desire certain things but if we don’t claim it by stating “I am worthy”, our wants and needs often escape us. 

Pyrite is an excellent example of how the world might try to diminish your worth but if your spark comes from within, nothing can influence what you are capable of. It works so well to inspire and connect one with their truest self, grounding all of their power in the current reality. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Draws abundance

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Activates the chakras 

-Promotes emotional stability 

-Calls to action and combats lethargy

-Enhances shielding & strengthens the auric field 

-Promotes determination and persistence

-Promotes positivity 

-Enhances vitality 

-Inspires creativity 

-Releases mental blocks 

-Unlocks innate abilities

-Harnesses both Earth and Fire energy

-Defends against psychic attack 

-Helps prevent manipulation 

-Alleviate feelings of inferiority 

-Inspires self-worth and confidence 

-Helps combat feelings of despair or anxiety 

-Allows one to see the truth behind words and actions 

-Facilitates shadow work 

-Excellent for ending meditation and stabilizing energy field 

-Promotes patience 

-Enhances clair senses

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