Crystal Information

This crystal has some very catchy nicknames associated with it. The “Stone of Prophecy” and “The Stone that Heals the Healer” are two of them. Those are some pretty extraordinary titles in my opinion. I do feel they hold some merit though so let’s explore why. Every mineral has a “shape” they typically form as. Given the right conditions there can be exceptions to any rule but typically minerals tend to behave a certain way. One of the most common ways to find prehnite growing is globular, or in a bubble shape. Sometimes it is round like a ball and sometimes more elongated but when I look at this mineral,  I can’t help but compare it to what our own “shields” look like. Depending on the situation and person,sometimes these shields are a sphere and sometimes they are elongated and more “form fitting” but either way, it is energy that surrounds the physical body. Prehnite is a strengthener of this shield. It works to help radiate energy outward from our center as it reinforces our auric field and raises the frequency we vibrate at. 

So how do we get to those catchy names from this ability? This stone works to balance and connect the solar plexus all the way up to the crown chakra. It connects our true self with universal energy, strengthening our center which has a chain reaction that strengthens the entire self. The beginning stages of anything are always the most significant. When this crystal enters our field and the shift of energy occurs, we notice things like enhanced prophetic abilities and the will to heal ourselves the most. The effects of a strengthened shield and higher frequency are going to be things like stronger boundaries and clarity. As for the stone of prophecy title, we receive messages all the time, we just don’t always notice because there is a lot going on around us at every moment. When our energy field is clear, and calm, we are then able to understand the “messages” that actually pertain to our current situations. Allowing us to see our paths with a bit more understanding and direction. 

The stone that heals the healer title, now this one comes primarily from those strong boundaries that are reinforced. We often want to give and heal. Especially when we can empathize and understand why people are hurting. This stone helps to remind us that we can’t help anyone if we deplete the energy we need to thrive. Often we find ourselves giving past the point we should. We think, I can do a little bit more and sacrifice a little bit of energy we may not really want to part with, but we can survive without it. Trouble is, we can’t thrive without it. Healing others should never come at a detriment to the healer. Prehnite helps to say no, when we really can’t and/or shouldn’t be giving of ourselves. 

Overall, this crystal is one that resonates with frequency of unconditional love. It facilitates healing on all levels, especially the old wounds we try to hide from. As prehnite raises our vibrations, it also draws out traumas and issues that cause our fears and dis-ease and helps us to heal the original source of pain. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Enhances prophetic abilities

-Facilitates all healing efforts 

-Strengthens auric field 

-Balances and clears blockages of the upper chakras

-Revitalizes the spirit

-Aids meditation efforts 

-Helps heal emotional trauma

-Promotes a calm peaceful state

-Eases symptoms of anxiety and stress

-Promotes acceptance 

-Enhances intuition & clair senses

-Facilitates a stronger connection to spirit

-Encourages emotional release, forgiveness and compassion

-Promotes lucid dreaming and dream recall 

-Facilitates precognitive dreams

-Alleviates nightmares

-Promotes the release of deep fears

-Assists the release of karmic baggage 

-Promotes clarity of both the heart and mind

-Strengthens the connection to our true self

-Inspires courage and self worth 

-Birthstone for those born under the sign of Libra

-Inspires the feeling of unconditional love

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