Crystal Information

A form of brecciated orbicular jasper, this crystal resonates with a gentle, calm, stability that also awakens and revitalizes the energetic system. Calming and invigorating at the same time? Seems contradictory but the beauty of this stone is in its harmonious balance of both stillness and action. 

All jaspers hold a comforting energy, they carry the title of “The Supreme Nurturer”. All variations specialize in different areas, but share common ground is how they deliver or work with energy. Jasper makes me think of the phrase “No matter how the wind blows, the mountain cannot bow to it”. The matter of fact nature of this phrase and the mountain is how jasper operates. It is stable, it is calm, it is strong.

A mountain is in constant motion, although we may not see it with the naked eye. It is either slowly gaining height, or receding and returning back to where it began. While impressive to look at, a mountain is not aggressive in nature. Jasper shares this trait as its energy is not imposing, yet it is still strong promoting constant growth and motion. 

Being a form of brecciated jasper, poppy has a high iron content which provides a strong pull to the Earth’s energy and promotes a grounded, centered way of being. This facilitates energetic protection while helping to build a solid foundation for the rest of the energetic system.

This crystal is also associated with the poppy. A flower that is often used to symbolize death or eternal rest. While this topic may be off putting to some, I find this is a symbol of remembrance and of ancestry. The calm strength that lies within this stone instills the idea that death is not the end. The legacy of our ancestors and even of our younger self still influence us today. The most important part of that idea is the idea of change. Even if the changes are slight, there are changes. Change can always be made, and we have within ourselves the potential for creating anything we can imagine. Poppy jasper helps us to start creating with all of knowledge from previous experiences that lie within the Earth’s energy. While we may not know or understand all the answers, we can feel which direction we should go in order to find the growth we desire. Finding the calm balance needed to connect to this wisdom is where our crystal in question finds its greatest strength.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes centering and awareness

-Facilitates grounding

-Aids healing efforts

-Inspires courage and determination

-Promotes clarity

-Aids meditation efforts

-Awakens passion and inspiration

-Strengthens will power

-Inspires creativity

-Resonates best with the root but also aligns the sacral and solar plexus chakra

-Repairs the auric field from issues caused by self doubt, guilt, fear and shame

-Helps promote feelings of security

-Helps one to know and understand they have a “place”

-Promotes a positive outlook

-Harmonizes and stabilizes the energetic field

-Helps navigate and resolve internal conflict

-Promotes dynamic energy 

-Promotes a zest for life

-Inspires remembrance and gratitude

-Promotes patience

-Inspires the will to change and grow

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