Crystal Information

All colors of aventurine are considered to be lucky stone. This is due to the sparkly inclusions that can be found in all variations. The name originally came from an Italian glass maker who accidentally spilled material into his work, and ended up with some beautiful glass with inclusions. The technique came to be known as Avventiruna and the name was given later to the natural mineral who bears a resemblance to this glass artform. The colors of each type of aventurine come from the different mineral inclusions that can be found within the stone. Pink aventurine gets its color from lepidolite, hematite and or goethite. So we end up with a mineral that has quite an interesting mix of strength, stability, calm and emotion. It is known by many as “The Heart Healer”.

Pink is one of those colors often associated with females and while this is sort of true on an energetic level, the understanding of this has gotten a bit twisted over time. Pink is not weak, it is not dainty, it is not frilly lace dresses. Pink holds feminine energy arguably better than any other color. Feminine energy does not belong to a gender as we all have both masculine and feminine energy within our fields. Feminine is the unseen, the read between the lines, the intuitive, the emotion. Now, some may think that emotion itself is weakness. Irrational and unbalanced. This can be true at times but again, if we look from an energy perspective, emotion is what drives us. Emotion is where our strength lies. Logic can only get us so far, we must have the heart to fight, to pursue, to never give up. These things come from emotion. They come from the feminine energy. Yes, masculine will fight, but that thing that makes you get back after you have been knocked down a hundred times, that right there is the feminine energy in you. The energy that connects to something deeper, the unseen force of strength, the inner knowing that you must keep going. Pink is strength in a way that can not be measured. 

Pink aventurine holds within it all of these strengths and more. It connects us to our emotional center but the minerals inside promote calm, rational thinking, and stability. They ground our emotions in our reality so that we may better apply our strength to the areas we will see the greatest impact. This crystal helps us to harness our emotions and the energy behind them. It brings with it a lighthearted happy go lucky energy combined with the strength to keep trying – no matter how many times you get knocked down. It connects us to hope. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Helps heal emotional wounds

-Promotes optimism 

-Inspires the will to love 

-Stabilizes auric field 

-Provides grounding energy

-Aids manifesting efforts 

-Promotes and understanding of our emotions

-Inspires hope

-Helps release thought and behavioral patterns that are harmful 

-Promotes understanding of opposing views 

-Promotes compassion and equality 

-Strengthens clair senses and psychic abilities 

-Aligns the chakras and promotes balance within the chakra system

-Promotes determination 

-Facilitates meditation 

-Strengthens connection to inner wisdom 

-Helps determine what emotions do not belong to you

-Promotes a sense of calm serenity 

-Helps one embrace universal love

-Facilitates emotional endurance 

-Helps one to accept their emotions 

-Helps overcome dissociation with painful events, memories or experiences

-Promotes the will to share happiness with others

-Helps one act in accordance with the highest good

-Promotes good decision making 

-Promotes the will to care for oneself 

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