Crystal Information

Nicknamed the “Tempest Stone”; this variety of quartz is composed of tiger’s eye, hawk’s eye, and jasper, and it is said to hold “the keys to the kingdom of heaven”. This stone holds many strengths, but the most notable one is its ability to calm the storm that rages within. It is said to help one not be afraid of storms but I feel it helps us to not be afraid to face the storm and turmoil we have brewing inside of us. Pietersite works to facilitate a connection between the sacral, solar plexus, and brow chakras creating a strong sense of self and allowing us to know the right path for us to take. Giving us the best chance at facing our troubles and growing past them into the best version of ourselves. It is said this stone grounds but also connects us to the etheric plane, giving us a clearer view of the bigger picture so we are able to see what is best for ourselves as well as the world around us. Strengthening the bonds between us and our fellow man, we are then able to accept ourselves and the world as it is, so that we can work cohesively to grow in the way that suits us all. 

This crystal is one of the premier allies for unblocking stuck or stagnant energy that causes us to feel like we have no options. That feeling like we are just trapped where we are, unable to proceed forward with any progress or growth; this stone brings an energy that blasts through those barriers and brings with it strong positive energy that attracts good fortune while also bringing the clarity and confidence we need to take the chance and use the gifts we already have hidden within.

A few things this crystal can assist with:

-Provides protection from EMFs

-Resonates with the sacral, solar plexus, and brow chakras

-Promotes growth 

-Provides grounding energy 

-Attracts good fortune

-Enhances creativity

-Provides energetic protection 

-Cleanses and strengthens the auric field 

-Promotes and facilitates change

-Removes emotional turmoil

-Helps combat anxiety and nervousness

-Enhances psychic and spiritual “abilities”

-Strengthens the will

-Helps overcome addiction

-Boosts confidence and self-esteem 

-Strengthens connection spirit

-Promotes truth and allows one to see the truth 

-Helps manage telepathy 

-Brings balance to and strengthens the clair-senses

-Allows for buried emotions to come to the surface and be released

-Clears blockages and stuck energy 

-Facilitates the release of negative or outdated behavioral patterns 

-Connects one to the higher self 

-Facilitates lucid dreaming & astral travel 

-Promotes spiritual awareness & growth

-Promotes patience 

-Strengthens intuition and our ability to hear our own ‘inner guidance’

-Promotes the idea of brotherhood

-Strengthens and aids divination efforts

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Reinforces faith as well as determination

-Promotes the power of control over your inner self

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