Crystal Information

A mineral with high lithium content, petalite brings with it an undeniable stillness and calm.  It is said that this mineral is one that facilitates communication with spirit guides however, I am assured there is no mineral that is ever required for this purpose as our guides can always effectively communicate with us even if we don’t realize it is happening. What petalite does do well to aid this task is quiet your inner doubt and strengthen the trust you have in yourself. By allowing us to see the truth of a situation with calm clarity we are then able to better receive guidance; both from our guides and our own inner knowledge.

Petalite is a high vibrational stone that helps to clear away energy blockages and low vibrational energy. It works well along with energetic protection efforts due to its ability to raise the vibrations around it, as well as the soothing and peaceful energy it provides. By creating a gateway to the truth of a situation and strengthening our trust and faith that there is a resolution to every problem, it is a wonderful crystal ally in all spiritual endeavors. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Easing the symptoms of anxiety 

-Providing a calm environment

-Accessing our own hidden knowledge

-Aids meditation efforts

-Strengthens clairaudience

-Soothes overactive or unmanaged psychic “gifts”

-Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Assists with dream recall 

-Brings balance to the energetic system

-Aids manifesting efforts

-Repairs damage to the heart chakra and crown chakra 

-Helps heal from emotional traumas

-Assists with the recognition and release of negative behavioral patterns

-Strengthens the auric field

-Resonates well with the heart, brow and crown chakras

-Provides the knowing that we are not alone

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