Crystal Information

Part of the feldspar mineral family, this crystal displays the unique quality of adularescence. This is that beautiful movement of color and light the originates from within the stone. Moonstone gets its name due to its resemblance to the glow of moonlight. Its energy works very similar in nature to lunar energy as well. The moon influences the Earth in many different ways, and often the influence varies depending on what else is going on near it, way out in space. Moonstones all take the energy around them, mix it with their own, transform it and then influence its surrounding in an entirely different way. It facilitates the act of creation. 

The lore surrounding moonstone is as vast as the colors that it can be found in. Thought by some to be a gift between gods which resulted in the moonlight we know today, all versions of moonstone carry with it certain commonalities. Regardless of the lore you prefer to believe, they all share the idea of something being created out of only what is present. The concept of creation through transformation lies behind all of the stories. The ability to take the energy available and create something new is the number one strength within this stone. All of the colors resonate with this concept differently and the peach variety is the most soothing of the bunch.  

Let’s think of this color moonstone as being comparable to a mother’s support. It lends the feeling that you are strong enough to accomplish any task, the inspirational “You can be anything” energy that can be felt when a loved one lends their strength. Providing the courage and determination required for transformation. The strength of this stone lies within its ability to promote change and the act of creation from within.    

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all manifesting and magical efforts 

-Strengthens the auric field 

-Stimulates creativity 

-Inspires personal power 

-Facilitates all healing efforts 

-Strengthens conception and fertilization efforts *this can pertain to ideas and actions alike

-Promotes psychic development 

-Strengthens clair-senses

-Promotes emotional understanding 

-Promotes lucid and prophetic dreams

-Inspires positivity 

-Promotes the willingness to give and receive love

-Stimulates the rise of kundalini energy 

-Promotes honest self-expression 

-Promotes self-acceptance 

-Assists self-control

-Helps address and release negative behavioral patterns 

-Strengthens connection to the higher self 

-Enhances intuition 

-Helps dispel nightmares

-Assists protection efforts by removing negative and stagnant energy

-Facilitates change and acceptance 

-Allows one to see the truth of a situation 

-Helps combat issues of unbalanced ego 

-Facilitates meditation efforts 

-Resonates best with the sacral chakra but cleanses and rejuvenates the entire energetic system

-Reinforces the auric field

-Promotes growth and adaptability 

-Inspires self-worth and confidence 

-Inspires the idea that anything is possible

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