Crystal Information

A form of chalcedony and quartz that actually includes zero organic matter, moss agate is often formed from weathered volcanic material. It is not banded as other agate family members can be but contains manganese or iron inclusions that form to resemble moss.  

While it vibrates at a slower frequency than many other stones, agate has long been considered a talisman of healing. It gently provides balance while harmonizing energy. Much like the stillness and permanence of land left behind from volcanic activity, this mineral brings an energy that is unwavering and still. It provides gentle grounding and stability while promoting progressive and lasting growth. Moss agate calls one to be still but also look deep within. When we take the time to reflect, we notice that there is much more hiding beneath the surface than we originally might have noticed. This stone is a wonderful aid to shadow work and healing for the calm stability it brings while we become aware and grow. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes a feeling of love and comfort

-Facilitates a balanced thought process

-Considered a stone of wealth as it attracts abundance

-Strengthens the body during times of stress

-Promotes patience

-Assist with recovery from addiction or after illness

-Aids detoxification efforts

-Improves concentration and analytical abilities

-Promotes emotional stability

-Helps release fear and promotes courage

-Enhances creativity

-Strengthens the connection to “nature” energy

-Provides relief from stress

-Promotes an optimistic outlook

-Stabilizes the auric field

-Resonates with the heart chakra

-Helps overcome negative patterns and karmic baggage

-Promotes psychic development

-Promotes a better understanding of the Earth and the connection of all things

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