Crystal Information

The rare pink variety of the mineral beryl, morganite is the cousin to the emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine (blue beryl). It can be found in shades of peach to pink, violet to pink, salmon, and can have undertones of blue. They can also range from translucent to perfect clarity.

This gemstone inspires peace, harmony, and acceptance. The stone’s energy embodies all that is divine love. It facilitates a connection to the frequency that sees the beauty in all things just as they are. Morganite can help amplify the feelings of the love we share, it can also help us to find those connections when we are feeling disconnected from those we love. 

While this is a crystal of grace and love, it also helps to overcome emotional pain and turmoil. As it allows us to see past our own pain and acknowledge the idea that our greatest suffering also leads to our most profound growth; morganite lends the strength and support needed to be honest with ourselves and release negative patterns and emotions that may be preventing our happiness. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Attracts love and facilitates its growth

-Promotes a sense of peace, joy, and inner strength

-Encourages personal growth and confidence

-Cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety

-Helps release old wounds and hidden traumas

-Instills compassion for others and yourself

-Promotes an appreciation and respect for life

-Inspires joy

-Promotes a feeling of connection to the world

-Helps express and address unfulfilled emotional needs

-Encourages honorable intentions

-Excellent stone for scrying

-Enforces the idea of equality

-Helps to reduce patterns of avoidance

-Assists with emotional instability caused by puberty

-Lends support when battling eating disorders

-Strengthens the auric field

-Lends support needed to be yourself in any environment

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