Crystal Information

There is a good amount of mystery and magic surrounding this particular crystal. To get a better understanding of how it works with energy, we will take a quick look at its physical attributes. Moonstone is part of a group of minerals referred to as feldspar. There are a few different categories, or species, that fall under the title of feldspar. Knowing this connection is helpful because there are some minerals that feel very similar to moonstone and even one that shares its name, but they all are a little bit different. We will think of them like crystal cousins. They have lots in common but are very different. There is the group referred to as labradorites and this category is home to its namesake (labradorite), rainbow moonstone, and orthoclase sunstone. Oligoclase feldspar and this is where we find plagioclase sunstone. There is also microcline feldspar which is where we find amazonite. Then there is orthoclase feldspar, and this is the group for moonstone. 

Moonstone comes in many colors but as we just saw above, rainbow moonstone is not one of them. It can be found in colorless ranging out to blue, pink, brown, gray, black, yellow, or green. I find that having an understanding of color energy is helpful here when determining which type of moonstone might be best for what application. Colors falling in the yellow spectrum are constant, strong, yet not overpowering; holding a strong connection to spirit and self. While the greens can be more enduring, nurturing, and healing. Blue I find aligns with truth, clarity, and understanding. Browns are centering, grounding, healing, and excellent for growth. Pinks and the peach frequencies are emotional, supportive, passionate, and compassionate. Blacks and gray tend to be stronger in removing, transmuting, and protecting. There is no defined use for any of them, but rather strengths in how they work with energy.

Moonstone forms when albite and orthoclase, two feldspar minerals mix and intermingle. During the formation, these two minerals are as one. However, as they cool they separate and form one new mineral with layers of the two – connected but separated. When light enters the layers of the mineral, we see the effect referred to as adularescence. This is what happens when the light bounces off the different layers found within the stone. This is where we can find the understanding of how this crystal works with energy.

The idea of taking different things, blending them harmoniously, then creating something totally different yet still recognizable, is the area of strength for moonstone. It works well to harness all energy present while finding the frequency at which energy can blend harmoniously together and transforms it into something new. Moonstone is not a crystal that looks any one way. Depending on how the light hits, it will illuminate or darken; it can intensify in color or become a bit duller. It continuously changes. The idea of change and constant evolution is where we find the meaning of moonstone. Just as the moon is in constant transition, so too does this stone continue to harness and transform the energy present. Often when we think of transformation, we think one thing becomes another and that is the end. Only there is no real end and moonstone serves as a reminder of this truth. Moonstone is an ally for the journey. It finds its greatest strength in the area of transformation because it prevents the stagnation of energy. It helps one continue to grow and integrate new ways of being, while still remaining who we are. Nothing remains the same forever. Everything in the world is ever-changing and always evolving. The moon is a perfect example of this. Each lunar cycle is the same yet different. Every full moon has different influencing energy, but the moon is still full. Moonstone aligns with this ability to blend energy harmoniously, to facilitate change and transformation, while still remaining the same. It helps one to keep certain frequencies the same, amplifying others, while altering the vibrations that prevent harmony. The end result is a stronger, different, yet similar frequency. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Facilitates effective shadow work

-Aids healing efforts 

-Promotes compassion 

-Aids transformation 

-Invites willingness to change 

-Promotes a willingness to hear alternative opinions

-Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Stabilizing, strengthens, and reinforces the auric field

-Aids all healing efforts

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Stimulates creativity and the act of creation

-Connects one to inner guidance 

-Supports connection and healing of relationships

-Promotes expression of true emotions

-Enhances transmutation of energy 

-Helps release behavioral and thought patterns 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Activates and enhances clair-senses

-Facilitates spiritual journeying

-Helps awaken innate talents and abilities

-Promotes balance and harmony

-Reinforces strength of self 

-Promotes the feeling of equality and respect for all  

-Helps one find the beauty in all things 

-Illuminates life and karmic lessons

-Reveals the root cause of deep-seated emotional triggers and traumas and facilitates the healing of these issues and the patterns we create to cope with the cause

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