Crystal Information

A stone of emotional support as well as enlightenment, Lepidolite is a rare lithium-rich mica. Lithium is a fairly well-known term but the information surrounding its origin for medicinal use might be a little less widespread. Lithium for healing purposes dates back to the early Native Americans who used the lithium-rich springs as healing water that promoted community wellness and improved mental functions. Early settlers took notice of the effects this magical water had on the community and set up shop around these amazing mineral-rich springs. Over time, the effects of the third element in the periodic table became associated with emotional stability and increased mental faculties. With clarity of mind and logic ruling actions, the communities which lived near the spring seemed to flourish. 

Lepidolite holds the energy of this calming mineral and promotes the clarity of mind needed to understand our emotions on the deepest level. Paving the way for true growth, healing, and comfort. The flat, reflective formations of this mineral allow us to look deep within to embrace what we need and reflect on all that we don’t. This crystal stabilizes our energy in a way that allows us to connect to the deepest parts of our true self. 

A few applications for this mineral are:

-Helps dissipate negative and stagnant energy

-Promotes feelings of acceptance

-Promotes emotional healing and growth

-Inspires faith 

-Promotes understanding of opposing views

-Helps recognize and release behavioral and thought patterns that do not serve our highest good

-Strengthens the connection to our higher self 

-Helps release the fear of unknown outcomes

-Promotes a feeling of divine support

-Birthstone for those with the sun sign of Libra

-Helps combat symptoms of anxiety and depression 

-Strengthen our appreciation for our own self

-Harmonizes the auric field

-Provides a feeling of comfort, compassion, and emotional endurance

-Promotes the will to take control of our lives and apply change

-Promotes feelings of joy and serenity

-Provides support in times of grief and loss

-Helps to highlight the path to success

-Assists one with acting in alignment with their goals

-Helps dispel emotional suffering and anguish

-Helps reduce the shock and confusion of extreme emotions

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Supports the ability to give and receive love

-Facilitates stress reduction

-Promotes independence

-Clears blockages in the heart, brow, and crown chakras

-Aids shamanic or spiritual journeying

-Promotes decisiveness

-Clears electromagnetic smog

-Promotes balanced emotions

-Provides calm, soothing energy

-Promotes restful sleep

-Promotes a connection to spirit

-Stimulates intellectual and analytical abilities

-Aids meditation, astral travel, and lucid dreaming

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