Crystal Information

The strength of this crystal is something you have to really experience to believe. To be perfectly honest, it all sounds very fantastical but the proof is in the pudding they say, right? Lemurian quartz is a variation of quartz with crevices or ridges and typically has a yellow to pink hue. These quartz are not found in clusters, they are individual crystals.

How about the lore? Lemuria is a place that was said to exist before Atlantis. Now right away I understand I will lose many people with the believability factor and again, all I can say is try it for yourself and I have faith you will feel what I have felt. This for sure is a “you gotta feel it for yourself” situation. Words don’t do this crystal justice, it is one that works on an individual level. So, let’s get back to the lore. The people of Lemuria were said to be advanced, instant manifesting, energy manipulation type of people. They possessed great knowledge on healing both for living things and the Earth itself. It is said before they “left” they planted seeds of their wisdom in the Earth. These seeds are seen in the barcode-like grooves and frost that can be found on the outer surface of some quartz points. These crystals grow alone, not in clusters, and typically form a tapered point. It is said the wisdom we need is within these crystals and in order to access their secrets, you simply must hold one in your hand and feel the grooves. 

Again, I am aware of how ridiculous this sounds. However, the Lemurian quartz remains at the top of my list of favorite crystals to this day due to its ability to always plant a seed that leads to the wisdom I need. Take or leave the lore, meditation with these crystals can prove to be profound. When receptive, we find this crystal works like a mentor; guiding us to our answer in a way we understand. It doesn’t simply give the answer to the questions we ask, but rather sets us on the path to see it clearly for ourselves. 

Think of lessons learned, the ones that stick. Those are usually learned the hard way, right? Sometimes we can’t just take someone’s word for it, we have to make mistakes to get the lesson for real. This crystal takes this approach without the mistake. We see for ourselves the why behind the answer so the answer sticks and resonates. This is why I find this crystal to be an invaluable tool for anyone looking to heal, manifest, grow, bring balance or do anything at all regarding energy work. 

I typically give a list of applications, but I won’t this time. Lemurian Quartz can help with anything you need help with if only you are willing to receive the assistance.

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