Crystal Information

This is a fairly recognizable “gemstone”, with its deep blue color and beautiful gold flecks that are said to resemble the stars in the sky; but did you know that lapis is not a crystal but rather a rock made up of several different minerals? Lapis is a metamorphic rock that gets its characteristic blue coloration from the mineral lazurite- a member of the sodalite group. Lapis also can typically be found with white calcite and pyrite. Knowing that this is not one crystal but several together, doesn’t diminish the power contained within this stone – it amplifies it. 

Lapis has been treasured since antiquity. The Egyptians especially prized lapis and it found use in applications from eyeshadow to energetic protection and everything in between. In Buddhism, it is the stone that was recommended to bring about inner peace, as it provides a connection to the wisdom that facilitates a sense of calm from within. In ancient cultures across the globe, lapis was linked with the night sky and this was an association that transcends many cultures and spiritual systems of belief. This is where I find the meaning of lapis lazuli. 

When comparing all of the various lore about this stone we find the same general idea of protection. Compared to the stars that light the night of the sky, it was said that this stone connects one with the spirits of the “light” that work against the spirits of “darkness”. Some feel it helps to provide insight, protection, and guidance in times when understanding and hope might be lacking. Ideas ranging from protection from the Evil Eye, seeing the truth of a situation, knowing the path to resolution, and facilitating a strong energetic flow so that we may protect ourselves, can all be found at the heart of the various lore surrounding Lapis Lazuli. 

While I don’t personally believe in the dark vs light saga the way it is typically presented; I do believe there is merit to the idea of “light” and “dark”. I see it more as “light” and “heavy” as opposed to brightness and darkness and often I find they are working in unison – not opposition. These “energies” find themselves at different vibrational frequencies and it is typically more pleasant and less confusing to work within the higher vibrational frequencies. If we think just about our own emotions; most prefer to reside in the uplifting feelings, those feelings that make us feel unpleasant are often a bit hard to fully comprehend. The energy of spirit is very similar to this in my experience. Lapis helps to understand both of these forms of energy and facilitates the clarity, strength, and personal power needed to find our own path through any chaos that may present itself. Lapis lazuli helps us to feel the light even when we are working with energy that is heavy.

Just as this is not just one crystal, lapis doesn’t hold just one strength. This rock is a little bit of everything, a little bit of magic. Healing, manifesting, clarity, communication, connection to spirit and the divine, protection, and above all else personal power; this stone has been treasured since the dawn of time because it is like a little bit of recognizable universal energy we can hold within our hands. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Recognizing psychic attack 

-Enhances memory 

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Promotes good decision making 

-Facilitates restful sleep 

-Combats nightmares

-Helps alleviate negative thought and behavioral patterns

-Facilitates meditative state

-Attracts good fortune 

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Facilitates a connection to inner wisdom and universal guidance

-Inspires the will to overcome trauma and insecurity 

-Promote honest communication 

-Inspires truth and understanding 

-Enhances psychic abilities and activates the Pineal Gland 

-Facilitates communication with spirit

-Encourages creativity 

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Harmonizes the entire energetic system

-Facilitates knowing and alignment of the “self”

-Helps one to feel empowered and confident

-Helps facilitate spiritual journeying

-Facilitates dream and astral travel recall

-Aids all healing efforts and enhances the auric field 

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