Crystal Information

The gem variety of the mineral cordierite, this crystal gets its name from the Greek word for violet. It has a couple of other old names it was known by as well, and they lend a clue as to how this stone works with energy. One name being another Greek word, dichroite, which means two-colored rock due to its pleochroism – which is an optical phenomenon in which a substance appears two different colors depending on the angle at which it is perceived. The other name was the “Vikings’ compass” because the Vikings used it to determine the direction of the sun on overcast days. All three of these names help us understand where this crystal holds its strength. 

If we look at the colors that the human eye can perceive, we know that violet is at the end of the spectrum of what we consider to be “visible light”. We also know there are many wavelengths after violet, and there is much we can’t see without a little help. I love this comparison for the understanding of things in spirit. Often we think of the spirit world as being somewhere else. However, in my opinion, it is all right here – we just can’t always see it without a little help. When we get to the things that are not of the tangible world, perception changes greatly. I can hold a daffodil and describe it. I can take a picture. I can give it to you and we can talk about its physical attributes. We may see it a little differently, but there will be some undeniable middle ground we agree on. The physical world is this way. Things just are what they are. When things have not quite come to manifest yet, when things are in energy form, there may not be any middle ground exactly. Everything becomes a matter of perception. Navigating through that sometimes confusing part of our world is where iolite holds its greatest strength. It helps to illuminate all sides of perception so that universal understanding can be found. 

The color violet in general I like to think of as a bridge to that which we can’t normally perceive. This crystal does this so well. It helps us to resonate at the place where reception and perception flow freely. It aids us in letting go of one way of seeing things, so we can find a way to see all possibilities. This crystal lights the way to a better understanding of ourselves, the world we live in, and our influence on it. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all meditation efforts 

-Assists astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Inspires faith 

-Promotes communication with spirit 

-Strengthens connection to inner guidance

-Enhances and brings balance and understanding to our innate clair-senses

-Aids divination efforts 

-Promotes understanding of karmic lessons 

-Helps overcome distraction and procrastination 

-Helps those who feel they suffer from misfortune find a new perspective 

-Promotes creative self-expression 

-Assists in the recognition of and detoxification of that which prevents harmony

-Aids one in recovering the “lost” parts of themselves

-Reconciles conflicting emotions or beliefs

-Helps in the discovery of and understanding the true self 

-Promotes calm and stillness, especially in times of turmoil

-Harmonizes the energetic system 

-Promotes an understanding of deep wounds and helps facilitate the most effective path to healing

-Inspires positivity and hope

-Activates the third eye 

-Strengthens our skills of discernment 

-Promotes a better understanding of ourselves and our true power 

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