Crystal Information

A variety of quartz crystals found in select areas of New York state. The name diamond was imparted on this unique quartz variation due to its natural faceting and clarity as well as their natural double terminations with 18 total faces. While there have been other mining locations of Quartz that is similar to the Herkimer Diamond only those mined in New York can be given this name.

Like other varieties of clear quartz they are energy amplifiers. Being the most powerful of all Quartz varieties, Herkimer Diamonds also are the ideal crystal to facilitate the movement of Universal Life Force Energy. Due to their strong vibration they can be overpowering for some people to wear for extended periods of time and are not suitable for children or animals but can prove to be a very useful tool in meditation and spiritual practice.

Sometimes referred to as an “attunement stone” these crystals can be used to connect with someone else’s energy. Be it loved ones who need to be separated and wish to feel each other’s energy while apart or if you need to connect to someone and are not very familiar with them. Each person is to hold the Herkimer and then exchange crystals. The crystal will retain the person’s energy and will facilitate a connection between the people. You can also use this method to program an intention. The intention will remain in there for the recipient to draw strength, love, encouragement or whatever it is they need even when you cannot be there in person to deliver those intentions yourself.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Perfect for crystal healing grids and healing sessions

-A powerful meditation aid

-Promotes spiritual growth

-Awakens and enhances innate psychic gifts

-Helps clear negative energy away

– Removes energy blockages

-Promotes clarity of mind and focus

-Beneficial for pain relief

-Stimulates immune system

– Aids detoxification

-Helps prevent physical exhaustion and burnout

-Aligns and balances all chakras

-Opens and stimulates the third eye

-Strengthens the auric field

-Promotes communication with faeries

-Facilitates the development of clairsenses and telepathy

-Promotes lucid dreaming, astral travel and recall

-Facilitates past life recall

-Promotes calm and peace

-Helps clear away repressed fears and emotional trauma

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