Crystal Information


A cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz that forms in jasper (opaque), chalcedony (translucent), or a mixture of them both; this mineral aggregate gets its tiny red inclusions from trace amounts of hematite or iron oxide. This mineral has been utilized in magical and practical applications since ancient times. Through its uses, it has gained a few nicknames that might help us better understand how heliotrope works with energy. 

The first pertains to its mineral name and it comes from the Ancient Greek helios (sun) and trepien (to turn), we get the name sun turner. The nickname to coincide with this was The Sun Stone. This was due to how the mineral reflected light. Later in history, humans would use an instrument with the same name to reflect light across large distances to survey the land. This particular bit of information is confusing for me as I don’t find this stone to be overly reflective in its natural state. There is, however, merit to the concept in a less physical way. One thing this crystal does well is it brings our awareness completely to the present reality. It shines a light on the truth and points out the things we might prefer to ignore. It allows us to measure our options with accuracy and not remain blinded by emotion. With the supportive nature of the host crystal and the centering energy of the inclusions, it helps one to see what is real and that even the most difficult truths can be accepted. 

The next name this stone has acquired can be off-putting to some. This name came later in its history and the story goes, the red coloring came from the wounds of Christ. The nickname Christ’s Stone came about after this story was introduced. Many believe this stone is one of “noble sacrifice”. Some say it holds the energy to support those who give of themselves for the good of others. Personally, I feel this is bad practice. I feel our responsibility is to ourselves, and not martyrdom. We can help more people when we ourselves are strong and balanced. I also have a hard time with the name because it creates a bit of separation. Those who don’t embrace Christ might feel as though this stone is “owned” by a certain faith. This is simply not the case. When addressing this particular bit of the stone’s lore, we must look objectively at the story. 

If we take personal belief out of the equation, we end up with a story about a man who accepted difficult truths with grace. The part of his story that is associated with bloodstone is his death. Every account of the crucifixion and the moments prior to it shows a man who saw all potential paths. He chose the path that he felt was unavoidable and the ultimate truth. The path that would cause the least harm to others as well as the least amount of suffering for himself. Odds are, if he had somehow tried to avoid his fate in those moments, he would have simply prolonged the suffering. There would have been more struggle and drama before his capture and then the same ending would have been met, likely bringing more people with him. Any other path chosen could have potentially negated the work he had been doing, thusly doing more harm in the long run.  

This is where I see the connection to this nickname and the previously mentioned. Seeing the truth of a situation, accepting it is the truth, and then taking one’s own power to make the choice that best suits all people; is where this stone holds its strength. The energy of compassion, faith, support, grace, and strength all align with this nickname and the stone it has become associated with. When we look at this sometimes polarizing name; it is good to see the story and not the faith that goes with it, if it is not one we embrace. 

This leads us to the last nickname and that is the Resurrection Stone. This word has strong associations with Christ, and many magical stories; but what does it mean? The dictionary defines resurrection as “the revitalization or revival of something”. This is something heliotrope holds great strength in. It has such strong nurturing and grounding properties to it, but also connects the heart and the root chakras. As this connection is made; we also reinvigorate our emotional endurance. As the energy within the heart chakra strengthens, so too do the chakras below it. The connection between our emotions, our true self, our creative abilities, and our physical existence all align; and when this happens, we feel as though we are at our strongest self. We feel capable of taking on any task that comes our way. We feel as though our spirit has been resurrected. 

When we look at all of the names given to this stone, we see it holds energy that aligns one with truth; the grace, compassion, faith, and the strength needed to accept it; as well as the “presentness” required to proceed forward with whatever action we must take. On a less objective note, this is my personal favorite for grounding and centering rituals!

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Provides centering and grounding energy 

-Stabilizes and strengthens the auric field 

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Facilitates healing efforts 

-Brings clarity to mediation and divination efforts 

-Brings awareness to the truth 

-Helps one accept difficult or painful truths 

-Facilitates healing of traumas 

-Revitalizes the energetic field 

-Strengthens courage 

-Promotes emotional endurance 

-Strengthens the connection between the heart and root chakras 

-Helps reveal when there is danger or peril 

-Assists detoxification efforts 

-Promotes growth and recognition of “karmic” lessons 

-Strengthens the connection to the elemental world

-Supportive stone for those who feel alone as it strengthens our connection to the divine and universal energy, lending the feeling that we are never alone

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