Crystal Information

Technically speaking, opals are not crystals at all, they are actually mineraloids; a mineral-like substance that occurs naturally which does not have a crystalline structure. This fun fact does not change the energy opal brings to the table. Not all varieties of opal display that magical play of color we often associate with opal it’s important to remember that this doesn’t make the less flamboyant varieties and less magical. 

Green opal is what is considered a “common opal” but there is nothing common about it. When looking at it, you wouldn’t expect much from it really; its exterior is pleasant enough but not overbearing, it isn’t rough or abrasive, it doesn’t demand you look at it or enjoy it, nothing too attention-grabbing. This crystal just has a smooth energy about it. This is where it is doing its work. It calmly says “I’m just gonna be here if you don’t mind”, and as it does, it brings that same calm, healing, passive, and accepting energy with it. 

Energy doesn’t have to be aggressive for it to be effective. This stone is a prime example of that. Often we think gentle and assume that means the opposite of strong but this couldn’t be further from the truth. True strength does not always have to be aggressive because it endures. For comparison’s sake, we will think of what it feels like to sit outside in nature; this will bring about a state of calm, peace, and stillness at the moment. The strength it takes to break through any chaotic energy we have is tremendous, yet we never feel a shock to the system it is just gentle- peaceful. That is how the energy of this stone works. 

Carrying within a strong healing vibration, green opal resonates strongly with the heart chakra and promotes calm, loving energy wherever it goes. It is known to strengthen bonds and relationships of all kinds, from family to romantic, and even professional. It brings along good luck with its healing vibrations and facilitates the optimum energetic conditions for relationships to flourish. Sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Change” it can provide needed support and stability during times of growth and transformation. It is a perfect ally for those in need of stability and balance during times of turmoil, healing, and growth.

Here are just a few applications for this crystal:

-Enhances psychic abilities and intuition

-Supports one during the grieving process

-Helps release fear and trauma

-Enhances memory

-Promotes healing on all levels

-Facilitates a deep meditative state

-Provides the strength and faith to love even after heartache

-Promotes the willingness to give and receive love freely

-Relieves stress

-Promotes self-empowerment and confidence

-Promotes patience and compassion

-Stimulates the love of music and the arts

-Aids one in stepping out of their comfort zone and facilitates taking chances

-Facilitates peaceful happy dreams

-Activates creativity

-Helps ease overwhelming feelings and allows you to take things one step at a time

-Brings to light the value of loyalty

-Helps to inspire meaning into everyday life

-Helps combat symptoms of anxiety

-Helps repair the auric field

-Resonates best with the heart chakra

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