Crystal Information

A variation of quartz with inclusions that gets its name from the Italian “a ventura”, which means “by chance”, aventurine is known as “The Luckiest of All Crystals”. The green variety of aventurine gets its color from tiny bits of muscovite mica known as fuchsite. A mineral that is known as “The Fairy Stone”. The blending of the properties of quartz and fuchsite together give us an energy that is healing, light hearted, and so optimistic it is hard to not find success when this crystal is around.  

Thought to be able to calm a troubled or restless spirit and promote tranquility from within. Many associate this crystal with the more positive magical attributes of the fae such as: holiness- inspiring awe or reverence among believers, temperance – displaying self-restraint and control, chastity – refraining from immoral sexual activity, friendship – interpersonal connections, justice – acting in alignment with concepts of moral correctness based on ethics, courtesy – a gentle disciplined noble politeness, and magnificence – refusal to engage in petty behavior, a willingness to face danger and a general way of being great of heart and mind. Aventurine does embody these virtues and tends to draw them out of the people who encounter this stone’s energy. It promotes a sense of peaceful knowing that everything will be alright, and insists you sit back and allow the chips to fall where they may. After all, it is only after we know what our full hand is that we are able to actually make a move. This is the idea behind the energy of this stone. A faithful, gentle trust that we will encounter all we need, and our job is to be ready to grasp our chances with grace when they present themselves. 

Some applications for this mineral are:

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Promotes healing 

-Promotes positivity and faith 

-Inspires a light hearted approach to life 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Enhances connection to our inner guidance 

-Promotes a feeling of love and compassion 

-Strengthens the connection to the divine

-Increases chances of encountering positive situations

-Helps combat symptoms of depression and anxiety

-Helps release negative thought patterns

-Promotes zest for life 

-Increases favor in games of chance

-Helps decisions making and assertiveness

-Promotes deep self love

-Promotes confidence 

-Inspires a sense of humor 

-Helps dissolve stress and inspires one to “go with the flow”

-Harmonizes the auric field

-Inspires one to let go of attachment to outcomes and just be present in the moment

-Promotes personal growth

-Birthstone for those born between April 20 – May 20, Virgo and LIbra 

-Promotes the will to change for the better

-Promotes the willingness to see others as equals

-Eases geopathic stress

-Combats EMFs

-Helps combat hyperactivity

-Invites one to be still 

-Draws abundance and opportunity

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