Crystal Information

This uplifting crystal is a variation of quartz that has layers of iron oxide coating within the quartz, resulting in a golden hue. Thought by many to harness a powerful frequency of positivity; the energy of iron is amplified by the crystal quartz that surrounds it. Iron itself has a long history of being used to fortify and protect. Used to stabilize and strengthen both energetic and in “real world” applications, iron helps to reinforce the structure that is working behind the scenes. 

By reinforcing the energetic pathways within our “structure”, the golden healer works to usher in life force energy while clearing blockages and stagnant energy. This crystal brings with it strong high vibrational energy in a soothing and calming way as it facilitates a connection between spirit and all living things. This crystal holds its greatest power in reinforcing the connection to the true self. As a master healer, it is a beneficial tool in all healing efforts and works wonderfully to both raise vibrations and strengthen the clarity and quality of intentions resulting in more successful healings and manifestation efforts. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Associated with all Zodiac signs and the Sun 

-Resonates best with the solar plexus chakra

-Increases creativity 

-Boosts confidence and self-esteem 

-Attracts success and prosperity  

-Strengthens communication with spirit 

-Aids astral travel and lucid dreaming 

-Strengthens spiritual and psychic abilities 

-Facilitates the discovery of one’s spiritual “purpose”

-Provides the focus needed for meditation

-Promotes honesty and integrity 

-Promotes overall healing 

-Enhances the circulation of life force energy through the entire system 

-Helps to raise one’s vibrations 

– Stabilizes and strengthens the auric field 

-Combats symptoms of depression 

-Promotes optimism 

-Inspires hope 

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