Crystal Information

A polymorph member of the diaspore mineral group that often forms by way of “needle iron”, goethite is also the main component of “bog iron”. There are a couple of phrases in that sentence that may not be common household names so let’s get acquainted with them.

What is a polymorph? This is a mineral that can exist in more than one form or crystalline structure. For a more well-known reference, think of the difference between diamond and graphite; they are both made entirely out of carbon yet, they are two very different materials. How those carbon molecules are stacked together, is where their differences come from. Given enough time, and the right conditions, the carbon in the graphite can change and become a diamond.

Goethite forms when iron oxidizes and changes from ferrous to ferric. It can occur in many forms such as concretions (compact spherical or irregular shaped), stalactites, oolites (egg-shaped), reniform (kidney-shaped), and botryoidal (looks similar to a cluster of bubbles) and is often found as a pseudomorph, (when one mineral replaces an existing mineral but retains the form of the original mineral).

How about bog iron, what is that? This is a renewable noninvasive way to harvest iron and this process was used by ancient cultures to smelt and make tools out of iron without mining. Tiny nodules of iron ore would be found by swamps, bogs, and other natural sources of water. Once a generation they would be able to harvest from a particular location and gather enough bog iron to create the tools they needed. The main mineral found in bog iron is goethite.

The easiest way to understand the energy of goethite is to look at the physical aspects of it. It is ever-changing and evolving. It is made of iron which is a highly protective and grounding material. This allows for the notion that we can change and it is safe to do so. Iron strengthens our connection to the earth and facilitates the strong flow of energy through the lower chakras. It allows us to tap into our own power while keeping us very present in the moment. Goethite works well to ground high-frequency energy allowing for a stronger connection to spirit, promoting increased clarity and access to one’s inner guidance. It radiates a feeling of comfort and security that allows one to feel calm even at times of emotional distress.

Goethite facilities the acknowledgment and release of all that no longer serves us, be it from this life or a past life, and promotes acceptance and forgiveness and the willingness to change so that one can move past their traumas and find their way to happiness. Just as the needle-like iron can penetrate through the tough exterior of other minerals, the energy of goethite can infiltrate even the hardest of walls and defenses we may put up, to facilitate change and growth. And just as the bog iron provides a renewable source of material without changing the existing landscape; this mineral helps lend the strength we need to grow and transition without altering our true self.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids grief management

-Helps balance strong or unstable emotions

-Helps release past life trauma

-Facilitates the release of all that no longer serves you

-Promotes creative problem solving

-Assists healing after emotional trauma

-Promotes self-love, forgiveness, and compassion

-Provides strong grounding energy

-Amplifies Clairaudience

-Facilitates communication with spirit

-Facilitates all healing efforts

-Resonates best with the base and the earth star but also works well with the throat and brow chakras

-Strengthens the connection to earth energy

-Provides a feeling of safety so one can cope with intense emotions

-Promotes the release of guilt, shame, or resentment

-Allows one to see a new perspective

-Facilitates personal growth

-Enhances creativity

-Helps to overcome writer’s block

-Helps access past life memories

-Enhances courage

-Helps implement new ideas

-Facilitates transitions

-Promotes the will to change

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