Crystal Information

Known as “The Healer’s Stone”,  fuchsite is a green variety of muscovite mica. It helps to facilitate the mindfulness of our needs while promoting the awareness of how to achieve good health and well being for both ourselves and our loved ones. It also provides the sometimes much needed ability to say no. All too often when people need healing, they inadvertently start to take more than they should from the person trying to help them. Be it time or energy, if the healer lacks the ability to refuse to give more of than they are able to, it can become a problem. Fuschite provides the support the healer needs to create healthy boundaries. This transitions to other aspects of life as well. Healthy boundaries are an important part of all relationships both professional and personal. Now, it is important to realize here that often when the idea of saying no and setting boundaries comes up people pull out their anger and badassery. This stone is not those things, it doesn’t resonate with those vibrations. It is light and airy, passive yet firm and it is very non confrontational. “Anger is not strength.” This is something I hear ALL THE TIME and it rings true here. This stone promotes healing and good behavioral patterns, setting healthy boundaries is a huge part of that. Fuchsite works to do this by promoting the understanding of your needs and strengthening the love you have within you for yourself and others so that you can just accept it is ok to say what you need. There is no need for confrontation about it because you are in control of you and you don’t have to give more than you are willing to. 

Fuchsite is also sometimes referred to as the “Fairy Stone” as it is said to strengthen the connection with the fairy and Devic worlds. This is a tricky thing to address, I can’t say that is a statement I agree with 100 percent but what I can say is that this stone does feel like pixies, like the Disney version of them. Lighthearted, flitting about spreading wonder and happiness through the world. With a strong connection to nature, and promoting balance and well-being for all, is the idea behind those fairytale creatures and that is where the connection of fairies and fuchsite is made for me. It isn’t so much the connection to actual fairies, but the strengthening of the qualities listed above that this crystal brings.  

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Stimulates clear thinking and problem-solving abilities

-Intensifies creativity and inspiration

-Promotes intuition

-Facilitates meditation and spirit guide connection

-Resonates with the heart chakra

-Facilitates the release of obligation when caring for needy people

-Helps to keep one from overextending ourselves

-Promotes restful sleep

-Facilitates healing on all levels

-Promotes awareness of elementals

-A companion crystal for all herbal healings

-Promotes a calm and peaceful energy

-Facilitates the acknowledgement of the truth 

-Helps set clear boundaries

-Promotes self love and self acceptance 

-Attracts good fortune

-Promotes a positive outlook on life

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