Originally referred to as “fluorspar”, this mineral gets its name from a Latin word that means “to flow”. Fluorite was used as a flux when smelting metal, and we can find an understanding of how it works with energy in both its name origin and its original uses. Perhaps you don’t use flux and are unfamiliar with what it is for. The simplest explanation is it is used to help prevent oxidation. When metal becomes unclean, it can’t fuse together. Flux works to provide a barrier between the metal and the heat. Fluorite also lends its name to a particular property we can find in several minerals and natural items – fluorescence. Fluorescence is the act of taking certain wavelengths of light (such as electromagnetic radiation) and converting them into another wavelength. When this occurs, the item exhibiting fluorescence emits a colorful glow of light. 

So what does this mean in terms of energy? Fluorite takes the wavelengths of energy around it and converts them into something else. While it does this, it provides a protective barrier between itself (or whoever is close to it) and the energy of the world. Many minerals transmute energy. This one, however, doesn’t just take energy and change it; it provides the opportunity to change along with the energy. It helps one adapt, and blend with the less than positive in a positive way. Just as the flux helps to join metal, without the harmful stuff getting in the way of a successful merging; fluorite helps one grow and learn without all the harmful or damaging aspects that come along with growth and healing. This doesn’t mean it removes all chances of failure or drama because nothing will do that. It just means it improves your chances if you are ready to act. Same as the comparison of using flux, we have a limited amount of time that the barrier is effective. Once the flux has all burnt off, we then have to add more or be done with our project. Fluorite can give us the space and protection needed for us to harness our potential in times of conflict, or it can also help us maintain a clear energy field if we are mindful, so that we can flow with whatever comes our way. 

This crystal embodies the idea that we can’t control everything, but we do have the power to adapt continuously. It can help illuminate the cause of blockages or personal roadblocks, as well as life lessons we may be in need of learning. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes emotional stability 

-Provides protection from electromagnetic pollution

-Clears confusion 

-Combats anxiety or stress

-Promotes organized thoughts and behavior

-Promotes concentration

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Promotes calm and tranquility 

-Facilitates acceptance 

-Promotes creativity 

-Unlocks innate talents

-Enhances psychic abilities 

-Helps connect to inner guidance 

-Strengthens the connection to self and spirit 

-Facilitates transformation and change

-Promotes mental clarity 

-Promotes understanding of alternative views

-Promotes alignment with truth 

-Strengthens, repairs, and cleanses the auric field 

-Promotes understanding of messages from “spirit” & clair-senses

-Soothes and clears energetic pathways 

-Promotes a “go with the flow” state of being

-Helps clear roadblocks 

-Helps one to think outside the box

-Helps one heal or help themselves

Fluorite forms in many colors.

Each color resonates on a particular frequency and has areas of strength aside from the general properties of the crystal listed above. 

Clear – resonates with mental clarity and connection to spirit. It works well to energize the auric field, all chakras, and meridians. It promotes faith, acceptance and helps one to trust in their own self and not seek approval or be swayed by the judgment of others. It is also an amplifier crystal that can help cleanse or enhance the energy of other crystals or “spiritual tools”.

Purple – resonates well with the brow as well as the heart and brings clarity and awareness to how we think. It holds strength in mediation as well as uncovering the root cause of emotional turmoil. It aligns the self with our clair-senses so that we may understand our inner guidance with clarity. It works well to combat stress and anxiety as well as nightmares and buried traumas. It provides the stillness needed to address issues pertaining to emotional unrest that cause conflict within the self.

Blue – resonates with tranquility, logic, and truth. It revitalizes while it also stabilizes and calms all energy centers. Prompting the alignment with universal truth, acceptance, and the ability to communicate; this color brings peace from within. This helps us better understand and articulate ourselves and interact with the world around us. 

Green – resonates with healing, growth, and renewal. It works well to combat emotional instability and cleanses the entire energetic system. It helps to bring forth subconscious information that is needed to learn our life lessons and heal from past traumas. It is particularly effective at breaking “programming” or behavioral patterns that do not facilitate balance and growth. It holds special strength in aligning one’s actions, and thoughts with their true intentions. 

Yellow – resonates with the self and acceptance of who are. It helps to promote an understanding of both one’s strengths and weaknesses and allows one to see themselves with clarity while holding compassion for all that makes us who we are.

Rainbow – is a blend of all the above colors and works well to help reveal and assist with the release of suppressed emotions and healing their original source. It helps to provide calm amidst chaos and promotes tranquility, harmony, and growth.

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