Crystal Information

This crystal is known by many names. Rare and coveted by collectors regardless of if you refer to it as eudialyte, almandine spar, eudalite, dragon’s blood, or Saami Blood. To find our understanding of this crystal’s energy, we will turn to the Saami people and the bit of history that associates them with the origin of this mineral. The Saami lived within the arctic circle and were originally nomadic reindeer herders who embraced a shamanic way of living. These were not simply gentle people though; these people were tough as nails. They lived in a place where people should not really be able to settle. Amongst the snow and ice, they found a way to flourish long before there were any kind of modern conveniences. The surrounding areas looked to tax them and take their land, so they found themselves engaging in battle to defend their land and people, as well as having to find ways to supplement income in order to pay their dues. Stories spread to the surrounding areas of their victories and how they must have been won by sorcery or magic. They were known to be mysterious and fearsome to many. Eventually, mines were discovered on their land, and they were forced to either work or flee. One of the minerals that was discovered in these mines was our crystal in question. Some say the nickname “Saami Blood” is in reference to a battle and some say it refers to the sacrifices the Saami made during the time these mines became prevalent. For our purposes here, we can find the meaning within this brief summary of these people’s determination, strength, adaptability, and perseverance and unwavering beliefs. To survive at all in the location in which they did, is a feat within itself. To continue to find a way to grow given the odds stacked against them, is a testament to the fire they held within. The refusal to accept defeat and conform to beliefs and a way of living that did not resonate with them is where we find our meaning. 

Eudialyte connects us with these qualities within ourselves. The ability to harness our own gifts and talents, while aligning us with our true beliefs is where this crystal holds its strength. Said to be able to connect one to their “life path”, this crystal shows us that there isn’t just one path. We can get to where we fit through many different roads. Just as the Saami called many places home, we too find our true self in many different areas. The energy behind our actions is where we find our true self. This crystal helps us to understand this concept. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates grounding 

-Inspires a connect to one’s sense of self

-Used as an Earth element in Feng Shui

-Strengthens creativity 

-Promotes problem solving 

-Meditation aid 

-Promotes a feeling of love and comfort 

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Helps connect one to their “path”

-Stimulates clairaudience and telepathy 

-Helps express emotions in a balanced way 

-Combats symptoms of stress

-Facilitates change

-Inspires self love

-Promotes confidence and self-acceptance 

-Invites one to embrace who they truly are

-Helps release fears of judgement or abandonment 

-Lends strength to overcome challenges

-Strengthens connection to higher self 

-Helps understand inner guidance 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Promotes forgiveness, especially for the self 

-Helps one to adapt without conforming

-Promotes determination 

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