Crystal Information

Sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Successful Love” the emerald is one of only 4 stones considered to be precious gemstones. This crystal brings with it a soothing, revitalizing energy that opens the heart chakra and instills hope, compassion and patience while encouraging healing on all levels. It has a calming effect on the emotions but also has an invigorating effect on the mind. It inspires reflection and a deeper way of thinking while promoting a connection to divine love. Said to contain the green ray of nature itself, the emerald is enduring, strong and constant. It is a stone of comfort and healing, ushering in feelings of hope and inspiration that provide a gentle reminder of all that you have to be thankful for. 

It is also a stone of great strength and power. How can it be all of those things? Strong and gentle, fierce and compassionate? The best way to understand this stone is to compare it to nature. For our example, we will think about poison ivy. I know that is an odd reference however, when we notice poison ivy in our yard we think we must eradicate it. So you put on some gloves and pull it out of the ground. Only, it comes back, so you dig a little deeper and yet, it still comes back. You have to fight hard to get rid of all of it and actually keep it away. You must continue to go back and find all of the roots in order to find success. Why? Because nature endures. What is a dangerous nuisance to us, is food and shelter to another. That poison plant has a job to do, it has a purpose and it isn’t going to just stop doing what it was made for because you said so. This is nature, it finds a way. A tree will grow right through rock if that’s what it needs to do. If you trim a branch, two more will sprout from the cut. Nature doesn’t give up and weaken, it comes back stronger. There is a balance though and sometimes nature is fragile. It will always come back but if it is treated improperly, it can be destroyed for some time. Nature should be handled with respect and this comparison transitions to the same energy that is love.

To me the stone will always have the motto “strength through love” because that is the energy of this stone. Nature and love have the same vibration, at least they do to me. Strong, enduring, powerful yet fragile and to always be respected. Some wounds may take longer to heal but left unchecked and given enough time, that poison ivy will always come back. One way or another, you could never really get rid of all of it and as long as even the smallest amount exists, more will grow, just like love. That is what this stone brings, constant energy that finds a way. 

Here are a few applications for this crystal:

-Inspires unconditional love and unity

-Promotes friendship

-Facilitates balance between partners

-Inspires hope

-Promotes emotional and spiritual growth

-Promotes intuition

-Helps reveal one’s inner truth

-Develops precognitive abilities

-Enhances memory

-Improves mental clarity

-Increases focus and intentions

-Awakens psychic abilities

-Attracts love

-Relieves stress

-Inspires creativity

-Strengthens the auric field

-Inspires patience

-Attracts abundance

-Inspires passion

-Promotes self esteem and confidence

-Birth stone for Gemini, Taurus, Leo and Aries

-Aids manifestation of all desired things

-Helps release negative energy and emotions

-Facilitates healing emotional trauma

-Facilitates all healing efforts

-Allows one to release negative patterns

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