Crystal Information

The “Stone of Tolerance and Tranquility” and sometimes called the “Stone of Patience”; dumortierite is a mineral that embodies the notion “the deeper you dig, the higher you grow”. To best understand the inspiration of this crystal let’s think of a tree and its roots. The tree must dig its roots deep into the ground in order to grow to great heights. It does this both for stability and for sustenance. The roots may not always be visible to our physical eyes, but those roots are just as deep as the tree is tall and without them, the tree simply could not exist. This crystal works to help us access our roots, to help us dig them deeper so that we may have a more solid foundation for growth. 

Dumortierite is a high vibrational yet grounding stone that awakens the pineal gland and facilitates a connection to our higher self and inner guidance. It works to help us understand who we are and how we got to be the soul we are today. This can be very helpful in all healing and growth efforts as we can find the root cause for dis-ease and disharmony within our system. Allowing us to address negative or outdated behavioral patterns, addictions, and a lack of true love for oneself. This crystal opens and amplifies our innate psychic abilities and helps us to improve our quality of character by providing an understanding of our lessons so that we may implement positive change into our lives. 

A few other applications for this mineral are:

-Activates the pineal gland 

-Awakens innate psychic abilities

-Enhances mental capacity and focus

-Stimulates memory recall and recovery 

-Amplifies clairaudience and clairvoyance

-Activates all clair-senses

-Stimulates intuition 

-Facilitates a connection to the higher self and inner guidance

-Help access and apply lessons for this life and previous lives

-Facilitates past life and ancestral healing 

-Assists with clear communication both with spirit and the physical world

-Promotes patience 

-Inspires self-confidence 

-Releases codependency

-Helps provide calm focus especially in moments of trauma

-Assists with the acceptance and release of past trauma 

-Helps release all that no longer serves our growth 

-Facilitates honest clear self-reflection 

-Aids lucid dreaming and astral travel 

-Resonates best with the throat, brow, and crown chakras

-Helps one to overcome stubbornness and rigidity

-Stimulates the verbalization of ideas 

-Helps release worries or confusion 

-Provides clarity of mind

-Stone of power for those with the sun sign of Leo

-Promotes understanding of new information and messages

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