Crystal Information

Arguably the most useful crystal to have in your tool kit; crystal quartz, or sometimes referred to as clear quartz, is a powerful energy amplifier. It facilitates the dislodging of blocked energy and assists with raising your frequency to the highest possible vibration. It can aid every healing and manifesting effort, as it can match the specific energy you require for any application.

Think of clear quartz the same as you would think of white light. It contains all vibrational frequencies and as such, can be a substitute for any energy (crystal, herb, or otherwise) you may be lacking. If light is separated we see the different colors that reside within as a rainbow. All of those frequencies are contained within white light and they work together harmoniously. This idea of unified energies working in strength together is what we have inside of clear crystal quartz. Crystal quartz brings the specific energy you require for any application and facilitates a harmonious connection between all subtle bodies. For this reason, it is considered to be a master healer. This crystal will focus, amplify, store and transform energy based on individual needs. 

The applications for this one are endless! From auric repair to manifesting, this one can be an ally for every intention. It brings strength to both the self and the practitioner’s tools as it reinforces the energy present and fills in any gaps that may be present that prevent a harmonious blending of energy.

Here are a few applications for this crystal:

-Repairs & strengthens the auric field

-Rejuvenates and balances the entire energetic system

-Resonates with all chakras

-Facilitates the reception and interpretation of messages from our higher self and spirit

-Helps remove static electricity

-Protects against radiation

-Aids all healing efforts

-Helps dissolve karmic debris

-Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Raises the vibrational frequency of a space or person

-Enhances psychic abilities & clair-senses

-Assists with making choices that align with your soul’s “true self”

-Filters distractions & aids meditation 

-Aids concentration

-Assists with memory recall and retention

-Matches any vibrational frequency

-Assists dream recall

-Amplifies energy

-Directs & boosts energy in crystal grids

-Enhances strength and endurance

-Facilitates the opening and flow of energetic pathways

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