Crystal Information

A variety of banded chalcedony nicknamed “The Laughter Stone”; this is a stone of subtle support and encouragement. Most agates vibrate more slowly than most crystals and because of this, they promote stability within the auric field. They help to organize chaos and promote understanding by helping one to slow down. 

Crazy lace agate has bands of color blended together in an orderly yet unique way. Much like a dance of color and energy all doing their own thing but doing it harmoniously together. This is much how this crystal influences energy as well.  Crazy lace has the unique ability to unify people who may not normally interact with one another. It provides a gentle fun-loving energy and the comfort in yourself needed to find common ground to coexist with others. It helps different energies to harmonize, blend, yet remain separate and “dance” together.

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes optimism

-Balances Yin – Yang energies

-Promotes emotional stability

-Encourages mental agility and flexibility

-Helpful in overcoming phobias

-Diminishes fear of negative spiritual encounters

-Promotes maturity and composure

-Encourages self-confidence

-Enhances mental function

-Useful talisman to combat sleepwalking

-Assists with overcoming feelings of depression and despair

-Lends the courage to accept and start a new love after being hurt 

-Promotes honest self-reflection

-Stabilizes the auric field

-Instills courage

-Resonates best with the Brow and Crown Chakras

-Promotes spiritual growth

-Instills the idea that we are all connected

-Promotes cooperation

-Inspires respect for all ways of being

-Brings order to chaos 

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