Crystal Information

A stone of honest communication; chrysocolla does not actually form crystals. This mineral is a pseudomorph mineraloid that often appears in reniform or botryoidal formations after other copper-based minerals. Often this mineral is found with accompanying minerals that do form crystals. It gets its name from the ancient Greek words χρυσός (gold) and κολλα (glue), as it was once used to solder gold. This may not sound all that impressive, but the joining of precious metals is a very complicated process. This delicate mineraloid is so soft, it seems fragile, and yet it is capable of doing a task that not many stronger substances can do. This concept is found in how it delivers energy as well. It has such gentle and soft energy to it, how could it possibly be powerful enough to tackle one of the most difficult applications? Sometimes strength and power need to be gentle, this is where chrysocolla finds its calling. 

 It helps bridge the gaps and connect the heart, throat, and mind. It works to facilitate balance, understanding, and expression of truth. While it improves communication, it also helps to know when you should keep silent. Chrysocolla works to quiet our mind as it invites our inner truth and knowledge to surface so that we can share our experiences and teach ourselves and others. It fills a space with comfort and compassionate energy; leaving no room for negativity or pessimism to remain. Much like the feeling of a mother’s love, this stone provides the feeling of safety and comfort so that you can express yourself with no fear or worry of judgment. Even if the expression is internal. It lends the idea that true power is expressed through gentleness and enduring strength.

Here are a few things this calming beauty can help with:

-Promotes psychic visions

-Strengthens & brings balance to psychic abilities

-Alleviates guilt, fear, and negative emotions

-Simultaneously stimulates the mind and relaxes emotions

-Promotes forgiveness

– Inspires peace and tranquility

-Strengthens patience 

-Encourages self-awareness

-Promotes confidence

-Stimulates creativity

-Aids all healing efforts

-Provides grounding energy

-Calms the mind and facilitates a meditative state

-Reinforces the auric field

-Promotes compassion

-Eases symptoms of anxiety and stress

-Strengthens feminine energy

-A support stone for those who feel secluded from the world

-Combats symptoms of anxiety and stress

-Facilitates acceptance of hidden or difficult truths 

-Aids the release and healing of traumas

-Connects one to karmic lessons 

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