Crystal Information

A mineral of purple and white swirls that can only be found in Siberia, charoite is referred to by some as “The Acceptance Stone”. This crystal connects the heart and crown chakras, providing a gateway for the compassionate release of all negativity that resides within. It bestows the vibrations of both universal love and spiritual insight. This is a powerful meditation ally, instilling patience and a gentle clarity that allows one to recognize and let go of the fears, traumas, and troubles that they may be harboring. 

Imagine for a moment you are in a dream sequence of a movie. The type where there is fog or smoke and everything is still and quiet. You know there is something in the smoke but you can’t make anything out. You panic and run, flailing your arms about but that doesn’t settle the smoke, it only makes it harder to see anything. Finally, you accept this approach will not work and you decide to be still. You are unsure of what to do, but you know there must be another way out. When you do this, when you pause, the smoke settles and you can see your surroundings. You just needed to become still for clarity to find you. 

This pause is how the energy of charoite works. It brings forth the calm serenity needed to allow the smoke that clouds the root of our troubles to settle, so we can see things with clarity.  Once we can see and understand the origin of the issue, we can address it from a place of insight, compassion, and acceptance; which allows one to release and grow from whatever negative experience that may have encountered. If we wish to navigate out of any unpleasant situation, we must first accept the situation is real, once we do this, resolution is typically easier to find. 

Here are a few applications for this crystal:

-Facilitates mediation efforts 

-Assists healing from traumas; from this lifetime or a previous 

-Encourages one to “participate” in life

-Helps accept difficult or unpleasant truths 

-Facilitates the willingness to receive spiritual guidance and insight 

-Helps combat nightmares and sleepwalking   

-Facilitates the release of fear and negativity 

-Promotes the will to be present 

-Helps view the world through the lens of unconditional love and compassion 

-Lends the strength needed to start over

-Promotes transformation and the will to change 

-Helps bring emotional balance 

-Combats behavioral problems

-Enhances clair-senses 

-Promotes positive clairvoyant experiences

-Promotes good decision making 

-Provides determination and courage 

-Grounds high-frequency energy 

-Cleanses the auric field 

-Helps combat headaches

-Helps one determine the difference between danger and paranoia 

-Assists healing efforts

-Raises frequency 

-Facilitates spiritual development

-Facilitates energetic protection efforts 

-Guards against and combats psychic attacks

-Strengthens the auric field

-Facilitates a connection to the “divine”  and your higher self 

-Combats stress and anxiety 

-Supports detoxification efforts 

-Stimulates the entire energetic system 

-Promotes lucid dreaming and astral travel 

-Helps release behavioral patterns that no longer serve you 

-Promotes faith and trust

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