Crystal Information

Sometimes referred to as “The Stone of Revelation”, this crystal facilitates a strong connection to our true self and guidance from spirit. Typically this rare mineral is found in tiny spherical clusters. Often we can find an understanding of how a crystal works with energy by looking at how it forms. 

A sphere radiates energy out in all directions, even the tiny ones. This crystal helps to illuminate the areas in our lives we might need to apply change. Cavansite works well to create a pathway to a seed of revelation within us. The spark of an idea that leads to transformation. A seed which grows and radiates outward as it helps us to make the necessary changes so that we may live in alignment with what our soul really needs. It promotes an understanding of how we have become the person we are today as it helps us to become the person we desire to be. 

This crystal can help to shine a light on the lessons we may not be fully comprehending and help us to overcome the challenges that prevent us from learning what we need to learn. Cavansite provides a calm, soothing, and accepting energy that promotes a peaceful environment so that we may view the world with a greater level of clarity. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates clear communication with spirit

-Awakens and enhances psychic “abilities” and intuition

-Quiets and prepares the mind for meditation

-Provides clarity and understanding of clair-senses

-Supports transition during major life changes

-Strengthens memory and understanding from astral travel and spiritual journeying

-Provides support for grief or loss 

-Helps relieve stress 

-Promotes acceptance of others as well as yourself

-Strengthens the connection to the higher self

-Promotes truthful communication

-Helps find acceptance and understanding of actions

-Raises vibrations of person or space

-Strengthens the connection to universal energy

-Reinforces the feeling that we are all connected

-Assists with past life and karmic healing

-Helps to illuminate the lessons we need to learn

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