Crystal Information

Also sometimes called cornelian, this crystal is a member of the chalcedony family and gets its coloration from minute particles of dispersed hematite or limonite. Both of these minerals are extremely grounding and stabilizing. With chalcedony being a form of quartz, we also get the amplifying and energizing effects of this mineral. When paired together, we end up with a crystal that brings us to the present and allows us to bring all of our strength and energy here with us. While this may not seem overly significant, take a moment and think about how you go about your day. Are you always 100 percent in the moment? Or does your mind wander to worries or to-do lists? If your attention is scattered, so is your energy

This idea makes me think of an animated show called Dragon Ball. In the show, there is one character in particular who has the perfect example of how carnelian works with energy. Stay with me here a second as I know this is a weird comparison, but it is the perfect visual – I promise. The main character, Goku,  has a certain way about him. A light-hearted determination that never seems to cease. Even when all odds are against him, he always seems to find a way to victory. This is not sheer luck or fortune though; it is equal parts part work and will. There is a faith in self that is unyielding. Giving up just never factors into the equation. When he is in battle he harnesses energy. How he does it is one of the main reasons for this comparison. He brings his hands to about his belly and he focuses all of his energy within that spot. He calls energy from the universe and from himself and it all gathers where he is focusing at his center. Once he gathers enough energy he sends it off blasting to whatever opponent he is facing. Before he sends this energy off his own “aura” gets stronger and stronger. This character is the perfect cartoon example for how carnelian works! 

Carnelian brings all of your powerful energy and also attracts universal energy to your center as it strengthens your entire energy field. We might not be blasting off energy balls, but the energy we gather helps us to win whatever battle we might be facing. This stone is a stone that strengthens the self. It strengthens those qualities of will, determination, hard work, but most importantly belief in the self. It amplifies these things from deep within us, not simply from an outside source.

The fire of life seems to lie within this crystal, both in appearance and in its energy. This is a stone that stimulates that fire within us all. Our strength, our will, our courage, and the desire to take action are all amplified when we work with this stone. 

For many, this stone can be a bit jarring at times. Sure this is a strong energy stone and noticing the energy it brings is to be expected, but it also aligns us with our own self and where we fit into this world. For some, the truth of this strength doesn’t always align with their current perception, and I feel this is where the conflicting energy comes in. This crystal calls you to take your place and embrace your strength; to stand tall in who you are and all you are capable of. Sometimes we fight this strength because we don’t truly believe we are in ownership of power. However, once we allow ourselves to embrace our power, we are then able to harness it and actively pursue our dreams. For this reason, I call this stone a stone of personal power, as it makes our own strength absolutely unavoidable.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Strengthens and stabilizes the auric field

-Resonates best with the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

-Helps clear blockages within the energetic system

-Helps overcome fear

-Strengthens courage and determination

-Inspires leadership

-Combats symptoms of depression and promotes a positive outlook

-Calls one to action and provides motivation

-Strengthens willpower and discipline

-Provides the strength to confront traumas

-Helps address and integrate past karmic debris – from this life or another

-Aids energetic protection efforts

-Helps one to speak with boldness and confidence

-Aids manifesting efforts

-Attracts prosperity

-Enhances emotional stamina

-Facilitates success

-Inspires a sense of community

-Enhances feelings of passion

-Combats lethargy

-Stimulates creativity

-Restores vitality and the zest for life

-Helps heal in the later stages of processing grief

-Provides strong grounding energy

-Promotes the acceptance of the cycle of life

-Inspires the idea that anything is possible and provides the will to achieve your dreams

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