Crystal Information

All agates carry with them a gentle yet undeniable strength, typically formed within volcanic or metamorphic rocks, these minerals have an energy that is not aggressive but also can’t be avoided. To better understand this concept, let’s compare the force of a mountain to the force of an ocean. If you were a traveler and you stood before either, you would encounter very different challenges. The water makes itself known, sort of imposing, ever-changing, and even a little bit aggressive; the mountain is a very different sort of obstacle. The mountain stands tall and unwavering, consistent, daunting but stable, nothing moves the mountain. Both the mountain and the ocean are undeniable forces and yet they are both very different.

Most blue stones can be compared more easily to the ocean’s energy but not this crystal. Blue lace agate contains the same energy as the mountain, sturdy, strong, undeniable, and unchanging. Like all blue crystals, it does eliminate “heavy” energy but it does it in a very different way. This crystal does not “wash away” stuck or heavy and brings in fresh energy, it lays a foundation of light and keeps building until it elevates your vibration. Again, when I say light I do not mean “love and light” I mean actual lighter vibrations, not heavy higher vibrations. Typically when a crystal raises vibrations it vibrates quickly but agates vibrate slowly, this is where blue lace stands apart from other blue stones. It gentle and steadily works to promote a lasting energetic shift.

Blue lace agate works to strengthen your auric field, providing the energetic protection needed to raise your consciousness, heal and grow. It facilitates communication with spirit and your higher self while opening up your innate psychic and spiritual abilities. It also works well to help one communicate more truthfully with the world around them.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids meditation

-Raises vibrations

-Enhances clair-senses especially clairaudience

-Amplifies telepathy

-Enhances communication with spirit and the higher self

-Strengthens the auric field

-Assists healing efforts of the throat

-Unblocks chakras from the throat and higher

-Assists honest communication

-Promotes truth

-Instills confidence in one’s self

-Inspires one to release repressed emotions and thoughts

-Promotes spiritual and personal growth

-Assists emotional healing

-Lends the feeling of equality

-Promotes a sense of calm

-Strengthens psychic and spiritual “gifts”-Helps encourage one to move past traumas

-Promotes clarity of the mind

-Inspires loyalty

-Helps recognize and release negative behavioral patterns

-Promotes emotional balance

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