Crystal Information

There is so much to say about this stone and in my opinion, this is arguably one of the most useful minerals I have come across, especially at the start of a spiritual journey.  Tourmaline can be found in every color of the rainbow and because of this; it was once believed that tourmaline was a gift from the heavens, finding its way to Earth from rainbows.

This idea sounds silly but it has always struck me as holding some merit. Do I think these pretty rocks flew down from the sky riding a rainbow? No, but the energy of tourmaline is very strong and does harness a very defined “vibration”. The best way I can explain the energy of tourmaline (all colors) is to compare it to the movie Thor. In the movie when he wants to travel from different worlds he shouts at some magical dude and a beam of light is sent down to transport him. (If you haven’t seen the movie, just YouTube Bifrost) This beam of light is how I feel about tourmaline. 

When tourmaline enters a space, it surrounds the space with the vibration it carries. Just like that beam of transportation light instantly changes the energy around Thor, tourmaline instantly ushers in and engulfs an area with its energy. Think of  tourmaline like a filtering shell that only allows a certain vibration though. The vibration the color of the stone carries within it.

Each color has a vibration it resonates with but black has no defined vibrational frequency, it takes all vibrations. So following this logic, black tourmaline surrounds a space, creates a filtering protective shell, that allows no vibrations through it. This is where the protective qualities come into play. 

It protects from electromagnetic radiation, low vibrations, and provides spiritual and energetic protection that is unrivaled by any other mineral. This crystal allows you to not be influenced by the world around you by providing the clarity, calm and balance needed to navigate your environment without impediment. 

Black tourmaline has endless applications and can be utilized anytime there is a need to remove dis-ease, blocked, stagnant or stuck energy, low vibrations, EMFs, behavioral patterns or any other energy you wish to be free from. It is important to remember that no crystal can remove anything that has free will. This is not how the protection aspect of this mineral works. By removing the energetic vibrations of a space, it allows for only the physical reality to be seen with clarity and truth. Once all clutter and obstacles are removed, nothing stands in the way of our natural grounded energy flow, allowing us to feel a strong grounding and stabilizing energy. This crystal clears and balances all chakras, stabilizes the aura as it forms a protective shield around the body.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Neutralizes one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts and turns them into positive energy

-Promote self-confidence & personal power

-Provides a clearer, more objective view of the world

-Helps dissolve fear and paranoia

-Helps combat feelings and effects of anxiety

-Can be used to clear auric fields

-Removes inflammation 

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Provides grounding and protective energy

-Focuses the awareness in the present and strengthens ones grip on reality

-Aids spiritual development 

-Helps aid restful sleep, especially in unfamiliar places

-Soothes panic attacks

-Soothes and settles bones and muscles

-Reduces tiredness, disorientation and jet lag

-Wear as earrings or place near ears to help ease ringing in the ears

-Tourmaline strengthens the sense of smell, and in that respect, can also enhance the perception of pheromones which produces an aphrodisiac effect.

-Can be used to treat motion sickness

-Useful tool for treating obsessive or compulsive behaviors

-Helps combat symptoms of ptsd

-Provides an excellent shield against environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog, and radiation associated with cell phones, computers, and other electronic equipment.

-Placed in the corners of your home, it can assist with keeping the vibration i your home lighter and free from negative energy. (requires periodic cleansing of the crystals to continue working)


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